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Publishers Inc 2016

Publishers Inc is back for 2016

Publishers Inc is back! This year will see the third digital issue of the magazine, but for the first time Publishers Inc will be available on both tablet and desktop.

Created by postgraduate publishing students at Edinburgh Napier University, the publication focuses on industry news, publishing education at Edinburgh Napier University and advice for prospective publishers.

The 2016 issue will be launched in May and will cover a variety of topics – from new ways of publishing content to the re-emergence of the Scottish comics scene.

To keep up to date with our progress and catch exclusive behind-the-scenes news, special features, and related stories follow us on Twitter and check out our website!

Nate A. Kunitskaya

NK profile picI graduated from the University of Edinburgh with an MA (Hons) in Italian and got to study, along the way, History of Art, Linguistics, Film and Japanese. I spent a year abroad in Bologna – famous for its Children’s Book Festival – where I first began to question whether publishing was for me. Being a book-devourer with a knack for languages and a fondness for translation, it seemed the perfect fit.

MSc Publishing at Edinburgh Napier University has been an eye-opening experience, challenging at times but always rewarding. Currently I am involved in two projects – Innovations and Publishers Inc – working in a blend of areas I am most interested in: Rights Management, Editorial, Marketing and Digital Design.

Outside of university hours I work at a second-hand book shop (where I exercise impressive self-restraint) and try to read as much as I physically can (recent reads include: The Name of the Wind, The Humans, Grief is the Thing with Feathers and Coraline). In the remaining snippets of time I hone my translating skills in order to keep fresh languages I have picked up so far. If the weather gods are in good humour, I take my dog – Kujo – out for a ramble around Edinburgh.

I co-write a blog:
The Manic Fae
You can also find me on Twitter  @nakutski
don’t hesitate to get in touch with me about a dream job here: LinkedIn

Kirsty Hunter

headerHello. My name is Kirsty and I’m an MSc Publishing student (aka, not quite hip enough for magazines). So far, this year has really focused my interest in design and production, inspired a fraught love for InDesign and introduced me to a whole network of inspiring fellow publishers.

Publishing, for me, is basically a legitimate adult way to indulge my childhood love of words and pictures. As a four-year-old, this meant dictating pirate stories to my mum and enthusiastically illustrating them. These days it takes the form of exploring interesting visual ways to tell stories, be that designing pages for our digital magazine, Publishers Inc, or investigating graphic novels for my dissertation. The dream is to eventually work in design/production for an independent comic publisher and support Scotland’s homegrown comics industry.

When not working hard alongside my ridiculously talented MSc Publishing comrades, you can find me inhaling ebooks on my Glasgow-Edinburgh commute – recent reads: Stone MattressFingersmith, Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children – and working as an Editorial and Production Assistant at BHP Comics in Glasgow.

I also spend my days trying to improve my tragically embarrassing German skills (for when I eventually make my move to dream city, Berlin), life-drawing at All the Young Nudes and shouting indignantly at Netflix documentaries.

Find me on twitter or linkedin.

Romi Rellum

headshot_editI am a Philosophy graduate and current MSc Publishing student who is, maybe somewhat controversially, mostly interested in digital publishing. I love print too, but it is the possibilities of digital technology that really fascinate me.

My interest in digital media was sparked back in the Netherlands, where I worked as an editorial assistant for SeniorWeb, an organisation which helps senior citizens to be part of the information society. As I expected, this course has increased my passion for all things digital even more. What I did not expect was for my interests to move increasingly towards production and design. There is little I enjoy more about this course than trying out new things in InDesign for our digital magazine Publishers Inc. In an ideal world, I would combine my love for digital and design by helping to create new digital products.

When I am not working on publishing projects, I try to explore as much as possible of Edinburgh and its surroundings when the weather allows, or practice the violin and watch documentaries when it doesn’t.

You can find me on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Publishers Inc 2015


A new year sees a new team working on Edinburgh Napier’s MSc Publishing App. You can find out more about the app and the team, including exclusive behind-the-scenes articles here: