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Postgraduate Publishing studies at Edinburgh Napier University. INDUSTRY APPROVED Publishing courses. (Classes are online and on campus. Visit for up-to-date information.)

Alumni (Profiles & Destinations)

Kay Farrell, now at Man Booker winning publisher, Sandstone Press

Kay Farrell (Publishing alumna), now at Man Booker winning publisher, Sandstone Press

Profiles and statements from graduates of MSc Publishing and MSc Magazine Publishing

(a small sample… always being updated)

Yet more success in advance of graduation … Congratulations! to…

Ali Dawson, Great Golf/IPB Publishing Ltd

Just over two thirds of the way through their Publishing Masters and already our students are securing Publishing employment. The Publishing team are delighted to wish the following students every success in their new roles …

Anastasia Gorgan who has now started her new job with Bloomsbury!
Douglas Sloan who has been appointed Sales and Marketing Assistant at Edinburgh University Press.
Jade Regulski who has recently started at The List.
Harriet Leslie who has been offered full time employment at Palimpsest.
Camille Burns who has taken up the position of Editorial Assistant & Administration Executive in the Hodder Gibson department of Hachette UK.
Sophie Cachard, Jack Evans and Stewart Mciver have each been asked to continue with their placement companies, Handspring Publishing, Alban Books Ltd and Connect Communications respectively.

Congratulations once again! Please do continue to keep in touch and let us know how you are getting on!

Best wishes,
Postgraduate Publishing team
Edinburgh Napier University

We say a fond farewell and CONGRATULATIONS to our 2012/13 postgraduates, some of whom have secured employment before graduating!

(a small sample … always being updated…)

Emma Wilson, Publishing Assistant at Think Publishing
Jennifer Neal, Production Editor of Bookazines at Imagine Publishing
Sally Pattle
, Publishing Assistant at Birlinn Ltd
Aine Flaherty, Permissions Assistant at Macmillan Education
Lauren Robertson, Publishing Assistant at Black and White Publishing
Keren McGill, Press and Marketing Executive at Freight Books
Cecilia Bennett, Productions Assistant and Proofreader at The Unfamiliar
Clare Fotheringham
, Production Assistant at Floris Books
Thomas Storr
, Digital Editorial Assistant at Haremi
Valerie Jordan
, Editorial Assistant at Ashville Media
Megan MacGregor
, Publishing Assistant at Barrington Stoke
Micaela Cavaletto
, Production Controller at Oxford University Press
Nikky Ward
, Sales and Marketing, Atlantic Books

2011/12 graduates (a small sample …)

Andrew Bianchi, Edinburgh University Press
Caitie-Jane Cook, OUP
Rosie Howie, Bright Red Publishing Ltd
Tori Klein, Meredith Publishers (in Iowa, publishers of Better Homes and Gardens and Ladies’ Home Journal)
Stefanie Kruszyk, HarperCollins
Kirstin Lamb, Barrington Stoke, Edinburgh
Leah McDowell, Floris Books, Edinburgh
Holly McKenzie, Press Association, East Yorkshire
Christina McPherson, White Light Media
Erin Pearson, OUP
Ruth Harrison, Production Assistant, Policy Press

2010/11 graduates (a small sample … again, all employed either before or within one month of graduating)

Fergus Edmondson, Marketing Executive at Pan Macmillan, London
Amanda Fisher, Mainstream Publishing, Edinburgh
Gemma Greig, Edinburgh University Press
Mairi Hamilton, Oxford University Press
Benedicte Lerfald, Floris Books, Edinburgh
Zakia Moulaoui, Homeless World Cup, Edinburgh & Paris
Hayley Orr, CMYK, Edinburgh
Angela Robb, Oxford University Press
Katy Shields, Publishing Manager, Editions
Benedicte Soteras, Drimlike, Edinburgh
CeCe Xue Yao, Editor, Peking University Press
Kat Strachan, Prepress Projects
Kristen Susienka, Black and White, Edinburgh
Christopher Wilson, The Herald and Times, Glasgow
Jane Williams, Oxford University Press

2009/10 graduates (a small sample …)

Miriam Armstrong, Production Controller, Penguin Books UK
Fiona Burns, Project Editor, Leckie & Leckie
Emily Carryer, Editor, Project 3 (English language non-fiction publisher), Thailand
Esme Haigh, Press & Marketing, Edinburgh International Book Festival
Gavin Jack, Production Controller, Edinburgh University Press
Yin Nan, Rights Assistant, ThinKingdom Media Group Ltd, Beijing
Marie O’Neill, Publishing Ireland
Nate Pedersen, Librarian and Freelance Journalist and Writer, Oregon, US
Laurann de Verteuil, Marketing Dept, Earthscan Ltd, London
Ciara Daly, W. Green (Thomson Reuters), Edinburgh
Charlotte Yelnik, Chief Editor’s Assistant at a Scientific Journal / Project Manager at a Scientific Foundation, Marseille, France

Words from other students …

Katy Shields, MSc Publishing 2010/11

Congratulations to Katy who, at the end of the 2nd trimester, secured a position as Publishing Manager at Editions! Katy started earlier this month: “My first week at Editions is going well. I’m still largely at the stage of learning people’s names and locating the coffee (you know, the important things…).”

We are really delighted! Well done, Katy!

Gavin Jack, MSc Publishing 2009/10

“This is a quick note to let you know that I’ve been offered a position at Edinburgh University Press starting in May! I just want to say thanks so much for all that I’ve learned on the course. I’d never have got this position a year ago.

Thanks again for all your help – everything has worked out so well!”

Daniel Boswell, MSc Publishing 2008/09

Daniel graduated from Edinburgh Napier University with an MSc in Publishing in 2009. During his postgraduate studies he was involved in the production of a new edition of John Buchan’s The Thirty-Nine Steps, the first book to be published by Masters students through our Merchiston Publishing imprint. He also wrote a dissertation concerned with the way in which the internet and information technology is changing the nature of comic book production and distribution.

Following this, Daniel immediately began a PhD research position with the University, undertaking a comparative study of Small Nations Publishing, which is initially focused on the practices of small publishers in Scotland and Catalonia, where he grew up. This research will focus on the publishing industry in parts of the EU that have high degrees of cultural and political autonomy while remaining part of larger states. It will consider aspects of cultural identity, cultural policy, and intergovernmental relationships in this field.

Jonathan Washington reports on his placement at Penguin, read more….

Graduates from MSc Publishing:(left to right) Avril (BA Hons Publishing, now at EUP); Chani (Sales and Marketing at Luath Press Ltd); Naomi (MSc Publishing, EUP) and Victoria (MSc Publishing, EUP).

Graduates get together at PS Conference, 2010

Pictured at the 2010 Publishing Scotland Conference, three of these four graduates secured full-time employment at Edinburgh University Press (EUP) – one before she even graduated!!! The other graduate is working at the award-winning independent publishing house, Luath Press, also in Edinburgh. 100% employment!



Elizabeth Hayes
MSc Publishing graduate, 2004
Assistant Desk Editor, Hodder Gibson, Paisley

I am an assistant desk editor for an educational publisher which specialises in titles for the Scottish curriculum. My job involves taking manuscripts from handover to publication. This involves liaising with freelance copyeditors, resolving editorial queries, commissioning and checking artwork, proofreading, seeking permission for copyright clearance, and working with production staff. The Editorial Practice and Editorial Project Management modules on the MSc course provided a solid grounding for much of my day-to-day work. I also have a role to play in generating marketing materials and in this respect the Publishing Marketing module has been particularly useful.

As I had no formal publishing experience I found it difficult to imagine starting out in the industry without the knowledge and experience of the MSc behind me. As well as covering specific aspects such as editorial, management and production, the course provided an overview of the industry itself and highlighted the variety of forms of publishing. This awareness of the wider picture helped me when approaching an interview and continues to be built upon through the training and experience of being in the job itself.

Melanie Young
MSc Publishing graduate, 2004
Publications Coordinator, Ontario Universities’ Application Centre, Ontario

I work as a Publications Coordinator at the Ontario Universities’ Application Centre (OUAC), in Canada. My role is similar to that of a managing editor in a book publishing company: I work with ‘authors’ (university representatives) to obtain ‘manuscripts’ (copy for our admissions magazines, booklets, and forms). Next, I assess and edit the copy, work with a designer to produce and proofread a publication, and then liaise with printers to create the publication – all within a tight schedule.

The skills that I acquired in Napier’s MSc Publishing program have proven essential to my position. Courses in Editorial Project Management provided me with concrete skills in production scheduling, copy editing and project assessment that have allowed me to confidently manage the production of fourteen separate publications. The intensive training in Production Processes at Napier has provided me with a foundation of technical knowledge about printing processes that allows me to make informed production choices. As the OUAC moves toward increasing digitization of its application processes, the experience gained through the Digital Publishing course is also proving indispensable.

I continue to be delighted at the applicability of my MSc Publishing degree to my role as Publications Coordinator. Although I am not creating books that will hit the bestseller lists, I feel that I am making a visible contribution to the educational system in Ontario, thanks in large part to the skills and experience I gained in the Masters Publishing program at Napier.

Ciara Doorley
PG Diploma Publishing graduate, 2003
Editorial Assistant, Hodder Headline, Ireland

I left Napier in June 2003. Six weeks later I applied for my first publishing position as a marketing assistant with a Dublin based company. As part of the interview process, I had to formulate a marketing plan for a forthcoming title and present it at the interview. As I had done a marketing plan as part of my course, I simply adapted that plan. I was subsequently offered the job, my boss used the marketing plan and the book went on to re-print and sell over 10,000 copies.

A week after I started my new job my boss moved to the country and worked full time from home. I was thrown in the deep-end and expected to work on my own initiative. Thanks to the practical and hands-on nature of the course at Napier, I was already familiar with all the processes and day-to-day operations involved in my position. I felt comfortable working on my own as I had a wealth of knowledge and training from the course to draw on. Even after nearly two years experience I still refer to some of my lecture notes from Napier. They say nothing can beat experience but I can honestly say that it would take years working in a publishing house to gain the all-round training that the course at Napier gave me.

Clive Hewat
MSc Publishing graduate, 2000
Project Development Manager, Elsevier, Edinburgh

After graduating I spent eighteen months traveling and working abroad, before entering my first job in publishing. I have found the core elements of the course very useful now that I am working in the industry. I think the most valuable element of the course was its vocational and wide-ranging structure, which enabled me to gain a certain level of competency in every aspect of the publishing industry. Although I chose to enter the editorial side of things, I could easily have applied for jobs in marketing and sales because I had a core understanding of all these areas thanks to the varied modules that MSc Publishing offered at Napier.

Helen Baker
MSc Publishing graduate, 2001
Editorial Assistant, Asian Studies list, Taylor and Francis

The MSc Publishing programme built on some previous knowledge of publishing and provided me with invaluable specialist skills that the industry needs – as well as the opportunity to do a very rewarding piece of research in the form of my dissertation. I enjoyed the MSc very much indeed and would recommend it to anyone with an interest in pursuing a career in publishing. After graduating, I secured an editorial position almost immediately.

Heather Kidd
MSc Publishing graduate, 2000
Production Editor, Oxford University Press, Toronto

I really enjoyed the combination of traditional (book) and practical (hands-on) learning in the programme. I also appreciated the fact that most of the lecturers were still working in the industry (or had been recently) so that what they had to say always seemed in step with what was happening in the industry. On the first day of my job after graduating, I was given an entire project and told to go to work without any guidance whatsoever. And I’m pleased to say that, though I asked a million questions, I was basically able to hit the ground running because of the MSc Publishing course.

Cara Herron & Sarah Rooney
BA (Hons) Publishing graduates, 2002
Now working in London

Working in London we have bumped into lots of ex-Napier graduates from years gone by and we always seem to congregate at functions. We’re always the last to leave after a few too many glasses of wine!

Two years after graduating Sarah and I were promoted (me to production controller and Sarah to production manager) in Eddison Sadd. Since 99.9% of our work is printed in the Far East, in November last year our Managing Director (Nick Eddison) and I went out to visit our printers and repro houses in Singapore, and one of our printers in Malaysia.

Right now things are going really well here for Sarah and we hope everyone at Napier is doing great too!

David Breach
BA (Hons) Publishing graduate, 2006
Now working in Edinburgh

I would like to thank all the Publishing staff for my three years at Napier.

Norman Mailer
BA (Hons) Publishing graduate, 1998
Now working in New Zealand

I moved to New Zealand in 1998 and started work with McGraw-Hill Textbook publishers in early 1999. The position was primarily a sales role with the aim of producing local books for the NZ market and I found quite quickly though that not only did I enjoy the sales role but I was rather good at it. It allowed me the opportunity to travel extensively throughout NZ and took me to Australia twice per year.

My small successes also got me noticed with the competition and in May 2002 I was approached and offered a senior sales role with Pearson Education (which incorporates Prentice Hall, Addison Wesley, Longman, Financial Times Education, Allyn & Bacon).

I was promoted to National Sales Executive at the end of 2003. Rather than go down the route of a Sales Manager role, I wanted instead to be exposed to shaping the future direction of the books we produce as I have a wealth of knowledge about our market, customers and products. In late 2006 the position became available, I applied and attained the role of Acquisitions (Commissioning) Editor for tertiary level textbooks in New Zealand.

There is nothing in Napier’s course that at some stage I have not drawn upon to use in the publishing industry I work in today. The editorial perspective is still as relevant today as I remember being taught by Mairi a number of years ago – author publisher relations springs to mind … often! The technology in production now, while different, still has the same aim, and the theory being put into practice today is still consistently accurate from what I was taught a number of years ago.

Rowan Morrison
BA (Hons) Publishing graduate, 2002
Now working in Edinburgh

Napier has played an unexpectedly major role in my life. Not only did I graduate … but I also met my husband and two of my best friends during my studies. It seems to me that Napier University is now focusing on its strengths – providing vocational courses for students who want a head start in their careers. I very much enjoyed my time at university and have many good memories of my student days.

Sarah McCrum
BA (Hons) Publishing graduate, 2003
Now working in London

I am currently based in London, working for Priddy Books (a division of Macmillan) since graduating. We are a publisher specialising in books for babies and children. I started as a production assistant and, in 2004, I progressed to the position of production controller, working more closely with our suppliers in the Far East. I went to China last January to visit some suppliers and to attend the Hong Kong Toys and Games Fair. Towards the end of 2005 I was given the opportunity to move to the Editorial department and I now work in assisting our Editorial Director in the day to day running of the department.

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