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The Camomile

cover 2circles FIXED.inddBy Catherine Carswell

Our team is dedicated to producing a beautiful limited edition of The Camomile, and we hope that by early August 2013 we will have a physical novel to show for it.


Ellen Carstairs’ true passion lies in writing, but her family disapproves of her need to be creative. Returning home to Glasgow after studying music abroad, Ellen’s inspiration is stifled by the society that surrounds her, from her deeply religious aunt to her lacklustre friends.
Rebelling against her circumstances, the vivacious young woman finds solace in writing to her college friend, Ruby. Ellen describes her amusing observations of Glasgow society and divulges her aspirations to become a writer. When Ellen falls for Duncan, the handsome doctor, she is forced to choose between a conventional marriage or carving her own path in life.

‘For though the camomile, the more it is trodden on the faster it grows, so youth, the more it is wasted, the sooner it wears.’ – William Shakespeare


Catherine Carswell was born in Glasgow in 1879. She studied music in Frankfurt and Glasgow, but made her career in journalism. Dogged by scandal, Carswell spent much of her life fighting for independence and equality, something that is reflected in her writing, especially The Camomile, her second published work.

Check out The Camomile’s current website for all up to date information on our team’s progress: The Camomile

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The Camomile

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