headerHello. My name is Kirsty and I’m an MSc Publishing student (aka, not quite hip enough for magazines). So far, this year has really focused my interest in design and production, inspired a fraught love for InDesign and introduced me to a whole network of inspiring fellow publishers.

Publishing, for me, is basically a legitimate adult way to indulge my childhood love of words and pictures. As a four-year-old, this meant dictating pirate stories to my mum and enthusiastically illustrating them. These days it takes the form of exploring interesting visual ways to tell stories, be that designing pages for our digital magazine, Publishers Inc, or investigating graphic novels for my dissertation. The dream is to eventually work in design/production for an independent comic publisher and support Scotland’s homegrown comics industry.

When not working hard alongside my ridiculously talented MSc Publishing comrades, you can find me inhaling ebooks on my Glasgow-Edinburgh commute – recent reads: Stone MattressFingersmith, Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children – and working as an Editorial and Production Assistant at BHP Comics in Glasgow.

I also spend my days trying to improve my tragically embarrassing German skills (for when I eventually make my move to dream city, Berlin), life-drawing at All the Young Nudes and shouting indignantly at Netflix documentaries.

Find me on twitter or linkedin.