Publishers Inc 2016

Publishers Inc is back for 2016


Publishers Inc is back! This year will see the third digital issue of the magazine, but for the first time Publishers Inc will be available on both tablet and desktop.

Created by postgraduate publishing students at Edinburgh Napier University, the publication focuses on industry news, publishing education at Edinburgh Napier University and advice for prospective publishers.

The 2016 issue will be launched in May and will cover a variety of topics – from new ways of publishing content to the re-emergence of the Scottish comics scene.

To keep up to date with our progress and catch exclusive behind-the-scenes news, special features, and related stories follow us on Twitter and check out our website!

Author: Romi Rellum

I am a Dutch/German Philosophy graduate and current MSc Publishing student who is, maybe somewhat controversially, mostly interested in digital publishing. I love print too, but it is the possibilities of digital technology that really fascinate me, especially for educational and academic publishing. Since embarking on this course, my interests have developed towards production and design. As creative director of Publishers Inc, a digital magazine published by MSc (Magazine) Publishing students at Edinburgh Napier University, I am currently exploring how to best present our product to our readers.

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