NK profile picI graduated from the University of Edinburgh with an MA (Hons) in Italian and got to study, along the way, History of Art, Linguistics, Film and Japanese. I spent a year abroad in Bologna – famous for its Children’s Book Festival – where I first began to question whether publishing was for me. Being a book-devourer with a knack for languages and a fondness for translation, it seemed the perfect fit.

MSc Publishing at Edinburgh Napier University has been an eye-opening experience, challenging at times but always rewarding. Currently I am involved in two projects – Innovations and Publishers Inc – working in a blend of areas I am most interested in: Rights Management, Editorial, Marketing and Digital Design.

Outside of university hours I work at a second-hand book shop (where I exercise impressive self-restraint) and try to read as much as I physically can (recent reads include: The Name of the Wind, The Humans, Grief is the Thing with Feathers and Coraline). In the remaining snippets of time I hone my translating skills in order to keep fresh languages I have picked up so far. If the weather gods are in good humour, I take my dog – Kujo – out for a ramble around Edinburgh.

I co-write a blog:
The Manic Fae
You can also find me on Twitter  @nakutski
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