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Ah Dinnae Ken


Introducing one of Merchiston Publishing’s new projects for 2014 – Ah Dinnae Ken represents our contribution to the growing debate surrounding national identity during this time of increased political involvement among Scotland’s Young Adults.

Scotland’s leading writers for teens question the idea of national identity.

What makes you Scottish?
Does being Scottish mean listening to the bagpipes and saying “How no?” instead of “Why not?”
Is there even such a thing as national identity?

More than six of today’s leading authors address these questions and more, in this fascinating and amusing collection.

Featuring stories by Cathy MacPhail, Claire McFall, Diana Hendry, Jan Andrew Henderson, Cathy Forde and Matthew Fitt, and with more to come.

We have also secured a foreword by the iconic Stuart Cosgrove, who brings his own witty sense of humour to the debate on what is “Scottish Identity”.

contents filigree2

We also need your involvement, what does it mean to you to be Scottish?

Get involved in the debate on twitter: @EdNapierPublish with the hashtag #AhDinnaeKen.
Follow our facebook page to be kept up to date with the project’s development and discussions:

You can also contribute to our “What is Scotland…?” photo campaign. Just share a photo and a couple of words on our Facebook or twitter with what Scotland means to you and our favorite pictures will be shared on our various media outlets.


Interested in supporting our project? Now you can! 🙂

Just go to the link below to find our sponsume page with our sponsorship video featuring little “Kenny” the wee book who just wants to be shared in schools. There are a number of fun incentives and you can keep up to date with our progress in the hopes of producing as many books as possible and therefore being able to distribute to as many schools as possible!

Click the link:

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We wanted to send a Huge Thank You to all of Ah Dinnae Ken’s Sponsume supporters!!

None of this would be possible without your help!! We reached 90% of our Sponsume goal, greatly surpassing our expectations! This means we will be able to print the largest number of books possible and reach even more schools!!

Thank you for wanting to be a part of our project and supporting our publishing aspirations!!

This is the final list of supporter:Screen Shot 2014-05-07 at 10.31.26

-Lorraine and Tom Rosenal

-Kate Hillier

-Caroline Chittleburgh

-Emily Aitchison

-Jenny Ward

-Connie Jones

-Christine Lund

-John Mitchell

-Colin Henderson

-Pauline Wakelin

-Christopher McNeill

-Linda Sneddon

-Louise Lambie

-Lesley McLaren

-Adele Rooney

-David Griggs

-Kristy Mellon

-Andrew Hemfrey

-Andrew MacArthur

-Mary Patterson

-Elaine Holliday

-Colleen Hay

-Ryan McMonagle

-Christopher McNeill

-Robin Lyon

-Gillian Fisher


-Emily Emzies

-Lynne Cummings



-Contessa Roberts

-Cassie Higgins

-Thomas McIntosh



-Guilia Trentacosti

(As you can see a couple of our contributors didn’t have an official name attached to their generous donations- if you are one of these & would like your name in full, please leave us a little comment or send us a facebook message and we will update it as soon as possible)

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