Romi Rellum

headshot_editI am a Philosophy graduate and current MSc Publishing student who is, maybe somewhat controversially, mostly interested in digital publishing. I love print too, but it is the possibilities of digital technology that really fascinate me.

My interest in digital media was sparked back in the Netherlands, where I worked as an editorial assistant for SeniorWeb, an organisation which helps senior citizens to be part of the information society. As I expected, this course has increased my passion for all things digital even more. What I did not expect was for my interests to move increasingly towards production and design. There is little I enjoy more about this course than trying out new things in InDesign for our digital magazineĀ Publishers Inc. In an ideal world, I would combine my love for digital and design by helping to create new digital products.

When I am not working on publishing projects, I try to explore as much as possible of Edinburgh and its surroundings when the weather allows, or practice the violin and watch documentaries when it doesn’t.

You can find me on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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