Bookie Updates: Cupcakes & Freedom…For now

cupcakesAs we mentioned in our previous post – today is our final submission day for all the details and business plan for both of our book proposals, Ah Dinnae Ken and The Day Boy and The Night Girl. To say that we have been getting happier as the day has progressed would be a bit of an understatement. We can practically smell our freedom… or that could be the sugar? Cupcakes were therefore decided to be a celebratory requirement. 🙂

However, the longer I spend with this group of crazy publishing students, the more I wonder, ‘How did we ever manage to get anything done?’ 😀

eating cupcakes
Working hard or hardly working, girls…?

We love Joanna our Editorial Manager but sometimes we get a little worried that she works too hard… It’s clear that she is also having an effect on the rest of the editorial team. That today represents the end of the module seems to have gone to their heads a little! Meanwhile, Kate is busily finishing up our final submission. “We don’t finish until 5 o’clock girls!”

Joanna has also been spontaneously breaking out in song and dance –  she is our very own Maria! Now why I didn’t have my camera out I don’t know but it went something like:

Joanna at door“We have new covers!! We have newww coverrrrssss!
For Day Boy Night Girl!”

It doesn’t come across quite as magically as it did in real life. But we hope you are having as good a day as us. Cupcakes all round!!!




Bookie Updates: Submission Day!!

The whole team is busily beavering away, finishing up for the submission of both of our book projects for our final assessment – which will ultimately decide whether our books will be sent to our chosen printer, Bell and Bain!! We are all so excited for finally reaching this point, regardless of all the stressful days and numerous obstacles which have come our way – we are so close we can almost see the books!! When we look back on what we have managed to achieve: editing, financing, producing, negotiating rights and marketing TWO books in just 13 weeks – I can speak for all of us in saying how proud we are of ourselves and every member of our little Wednesday Team!!!


contents filigree2

In recent weeks we have been able to finalise so many things, from confirming the support of Cordelia Fine and Helen Sutherland who are providing a foreword and an author biography for one of our projects (GO Rights Team!), The Day Boy and The Night Girl – for more details check out our Project page: The Day Boy and The Night Girl – through to the production of the covers for both books, which are looking amazing. A  big well done to our awesome production team!!

Collectively we have done so much to pull together and we have been able to achieve so much!! The Publishing Degree Show is coming up very soon and is open to the public from Friday 23rd of May until the 1st of June. You are all welcome to come along and see this year’s projects. There are also opportunities for you to get involved and vote for our selected covers for Ah Dinnae Ken. There will be four to choose from and we would love to hear what you think about them and vote for the winner.

This is a sample of one of the covers that will be on show for Ah Dinnae Ken:

Rachel ADK V2

And one for The Day Boy and The Night Girl:


We are also continuing to approach independent bookshops across Edinburgh and even researching retailers further afield; however, our sales are strongly dependent on your interest. Therefore, if you are really interested in getting a copy of our illustrated edition we would love to hear from you, and hear which bookshops are convenient for you and which you would be interested in purchasing from.

If we can find reassure bookshops of the interest that exists, we can create more sales and make them more accessible to you. Please send us a comment or a Facebook message if there is anywhere you are particularly interested in. Any bookshops interested in buying a number of copies please feel free to contact us also.


Bookie Updates: SPONSORS!!

A number of exciting things have been happening this week, especially as the whole team is already excitedly getting ready for London Book Fair which is only 11 days away now!!

We have been on the hunt for sponsors to help further our promotional campaign for both our Scottish books Ah Dinnae Ken and The Day Boy and the Night Girl.

Thanks to Giulia we have gained support from two of Scotland’s most iconic brands, and it came in the best format ever…Food!! 🙂

We received a lovely surprise this morning when a gigantic box full of Walkers Shortbread turned up at the Edinburgh Napier front desk addressed to us! 🙂


Nothing helps make the hump day better than food.

But this was only the start of our day – our next surprise arrived soon after when we received a lovely email from the amazing people at Tunnock’s.

Come find us at our stand at H350 at the London Book Fair to grab some Scottish goodies!


rrX25BjtHIQFbrpdvleacOKeSfxrstHStcwONLkXaNyMIYewq7BZjFnNRbWe5A9Mig=w1664-h733We will keep you up to date on any more goodies we will be giving away – visit us at the London Book Fair or on our facebook pages:

and follow us on Twitter: @EdNapierPublish using the hashtag #AhDinnaeKen & #crowdfunding to get involved with the AhDinnaeKen “What is Scottish Identity?” campaign, or #LetBooksbeBooks to get involved in the campaign to remove gender limitations from children’s books.

Bookie Updates: New illustrator Julie Pond

We received some very exciting news today regarding the illustrator for one of our live projects, The Day Boy and The Night Girl.

While we had initially secured another illustrator through Edinburgh Napier University, course commitments and assessments unfortunately left our original artist over-committed. This resulted in a search for an illustrator who suited our desired style for the project and was able to work within our time frame – which is very limited! Through market research conducted by our production team leader Laura, we were able to find a replacement illustrator in Julie Pond.

Julie Pond is a talented self-taught artist, originally from Moscow , but is currently living in Toronto. She is celebrating her artistic debut with her illustrations for The Day Boy and the Night Girl. At only 18 years old, she mostly gets her inspiration from the music she listens to. However her artistic ability has allowed her to adapt and produce her own style of illustrations using both traditional techniques as well as digital media.

front cover DBNG2
©Julie Pond

This is the first finished image we have received this week illustrating both of our main characters: Nycteris, our female lead, who has been raised only in the dark and our male lead, Photogen who has been raised only in the sun.

Check her out on Twitter & follow her progress: @julie_pond

Check out more of her work on her tumblr page:

and her Instagram at: Julie_Pond

Bookie Updates: The Day Boy and The Night Girl

Production for The Day Boy and The Night Girl has had a chance to progress this weekend when Laura from the production team  created some beautiful illustrations and we received our flyers which are being distributed by a number of our team at the Publishing Scotland Conference happening in Glasgow tomorrow.

DBNG quote 1 smaller
Design by Laura Holliday

These have been created using some of our favourite quotes from the book which we feel best describe the characters as well as give you a feel for the overall plot.

DBNG quote 4 smaller 2
Design by Laura Holliday

More of these updates will be coming soon as we are also hoping to receive our first updates from our NEW illustrator next week, so things are all very exciting here at Edinburgh Napier University!

contents filigree2

After a number of weeks preparing for the Publishing Scotland Conference we have finally received a delivery of our little flyers which were kindly made by Edinburgh Napier’s in House Printing shop Tapes Design Shop. This is an exciting development for the team as it represents one of the first physical products we have produced and shows, that all the work we have been putting into this project is going to pay off eventually.

image(1) As you can see Anni, our marketing teams’ department head is excited to get through all the packaging to see the final flyer, which she spent a considerable amount of time working on with Rachel from our production team, who did the design. Suddenly messages and footmen were sent running to find as many of our team members as possible to see Anni’s attempts to rip into the packaging (which had way too much duck tape!).

image(2)However all the effort was ultimately worth it as the flyers look great and we have had time to attach an additional, detachable note to help get people involved in our “Scotland to me is…?” campaign on Facebook and Twitter.

Design by Rachel Sneddon and Annemarie Leipe

And you can see we are very happy with everything! So more posts will be coming soon on the Publishing Scotland Conference as well as our illustrator updates.