Bookie Updates: New illustrator Julie Pond

We received some very exciting news today regarding the illustrator for one of our live projects, The Day Boy and The Night Girl.

While we had initially secured another illustrator through Edinburgh Napier University, course commitments and assessments unfortunately left our original artist over-committed. This resulted in a search for an illustrator who suited our desired style for the project and was able to work within our time frame – which is very limited! Through market research conducted by our production team leader Laura, we were able to find a replacement illustrator in Julie Pond.

Julie Pond is a talented self-taught artist, originally from Moscow , but is currently living in Toronto. She is celebrating her artistic debut with her illustrations for The Day Boy and the Night Girl. At only 18 years old, she mostly gets her inspiration from the music she listens to. However her artistic ability has allowed her to adapt and produce her own style of illustrations using both traditional techniques as well as digital media.

front cover DBNG2
©Julie Pond

This is the first finished image we have received this week illustrating both of our main characters: Nycteris, our female lead, who has been raised only in the dark and our male lead, Photogen who has been raised only in the sun.

Check her out on Twitter & follow her progress: @julie_pond

Check out more of her work on her tumblr page:

and her Instagram at: Julie_Pond


Author: Maebhe

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