Bookie Updates: Cupcakes & Freedom…For now

cupcakesAs we mentioned in our previous post ā€“ today is our final submission day for all the details and business plan for both of our book proposals, Ah Dinnae Ken and The Day Boy and The Night Girl. To say that we have been getting happier as the day has progressed would be a bit of an understatement. We can practically smell our freedom… or that could be the sugar? Cupcakes were therefore decided to be a celebratory requirement. šŸ™‚

However, the longer I spend with this group of crazy publishing students, the more I wonder, ‘How did we ever manage to get anything done?’ šŸ˜€

eating cupcakes
Working hard or hardly working, girls…?

We love Joanna our Editorial Manager but sometimes we get a little worried that she works too hard… It’s clear that she is also having an effect on the rest of the editorial team. That today represents the end of the module seems to have gone to their heads a little! Meanwhile, Kate is busily finishing up our final submission. “We don’t finish until 5 o’clock girls!”

Joanna has also been spontaneously breaking out in song and dance ā€“Ā  she is our very own Maria! Now why I didn’t have my camera out I don’t know but it went something like:

Joanna at door“We have new covers!! We have newww coverrrrssss!
For Day Boy Night Girl!”

It doesn’t come across quite as magically as it did in real life. But we hope you are having as good a day as us. Cupcakes all round!!!



Author: Maebhe

Heya, my name is Maebhe and i am bit of a booknerd and all round curious critter. So i hope to inspire and share some of my loves, from, ofcourse books :), crafts and to general advice which i may be able to give from life, love and even the odd girlie moment, as i am rather handy with a hairbrush and some bobby-pins, as my mum is a hairdresser. But i would love to hear from you's: questions, opinions... Love, Maebhe

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