Production for The Day Boy and The Night Girl has had a chance to progress this weekend when Laura from the production team  created some beautiful illustrations and we received our flyers which are being distributed by a number of our team at the Publishing Scotland Conference happening in Glasgow tomorrow.

DBNG quote 1 smaller
Design by Laura Holliday

These have been created using some of our favourite quotes from the book which we feel best describe the characters as well as give you a feel for the overall plot.

DBNG quote 4 smaller 2
Design by Laura Holliday

More of these updates will be coming soon as we are also hoping to receive our first updates from our NEW illustrator next week, so things are all very exciting here at Edinburgh Napier University!

contents filigree2

After a number of weeks preparing for the Publishing Scotland Conference we have finally received a delivery of our little flyers which were kindly made by Edinburgh Napier’s in House Printing shop Tapes Design Shop. This is an exciting development for the team as it represents one of the first physical products we have produced and shows, that all the work we have been putting into this project is going to pay off eventually.

image(1) As you can see Anni, our marketing teams’ department head is excited to get through all the packaging to see the final flyer, which she spent a considerable amount of time working on with Rachel from our production team, who did the design. Suddenly messages and footmen were sent running to find as many of our team members as possible to see Anni’s attempts to rip into the packaging (which had way too much duck tape!).

image(2)However all the effort was ultimately worth it as the flyers look great and we have had time to attach an additional, detachable note to help get people involved in our “Scotland to me is…?” campaign on Facebook and Twitter.

Design by Rachel Sneddon and Annemarie Leipe

And you can see we are very happy with everything! So more posts will be coming soon on the Publishing Scotland Conference as well as our illustrator updates.