Heather Shearer

Screen Shot 2016-02-01 at 12.04.02Hi! My name is Heather and I’m currently an MSc Magazine Publishing student at Edinburgh Napier University. I completed my undergraduate degree in Politics and International Relations at the University of Aberdeen. After graduating, I went on a 6-month trip, (which casually turned into a 28-month trip), trekking through the Himalayas, exploring South East Asia, and then on to gallivanting around Australia.

Eventually, the lure of Scotland, haggis and Irn Bru was too much, and I returned to the UK to complete an internship at The Sunday Times Magazine. This inspired my decision to apply for the MSc and enter the world of magazines.

Thus far in my masters course, I have been drawn into the commercial side of magazine publishing, with a focus on advertising and marketing. I’m currently the Head of Sales and Advertising for our student project, Buzz magazine, and I’m also interning with PPA Scotland. However, I’ve also been enjoying the chance to dabble in writing and design.

Outwith University, I occupy my time exploring the coffee shops of Edinburgh, having dinner parties with my lovely flatmates and making vegetarian curries. Also, I think music festivals are the best places in the world.

You can find me on LinkedIn and Twitter.


Julia Brown

meMy name is Julia and I am studying MSc Publishing in my beautiful hometown of Edinburgh.

I did my undergraduate degree in English Literature at the University of Edinburgh, and for my dissertation, indulged my passion for urban literature in writing about the blank fiction genre in New York City narratives. After graduating I rushed off to go travelling around Europe, the US and Asia.

I applied for this course following my dream of working in Edinburgh’s renowned publishing industry, and I am now honing my skills in my area of interest, marketing and publicity. I am proud to be project managing this year’s book project, A Voyage to Arcturus while also working as a member of the advertising and marketing team for Buzz Magazine.

In my spare time, I enjoy eating in good restaurants, lively political debate and lecturing my friends on the importance of facial skincare. For photos of food and Edinburgh, follow me on Instagram. I also appear on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Adam Harris

ProfileAdam Harris is a student on the MSc Publishing course at Edinburgh Napier University. He hails from sunny Newcastle in distant England.

He has an undergraduate degree in History and English Language from the University of Edinburgh. For his dissertation he wrote about the history of censorship in comic books. This is because he likes to take any opportunity possible to write about comic books, which is also something he does in his meagre spare time.

As a part of the MSc Publishing course Adam is Project Manager for Innovations: a brand new academic journal designed to be the first in a long running series. He also successfully pitched a new edition of A Voyage to Arcturus to be published by Merchiston Publishing later this year. Finally he contributes articles to Buzz Magazine as well as working on its Advertising and Marketing teams.

Adam’s interests include comic books, cinema and drinking fancy alcohol. Adam is also not averse to writing in the third person.

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Julia Margaret Crawford

I am an MSc Publishing student at Edinburgh Napier University. After spending a year after my MA (Hons) Philosophy reading books and looking for a purpose, discovering this degree seemed like a calling!11952832_10153232048518074_7972856989458771272_o

Since embarking on the course, I’ve found myself to be much more enthusiastic about magazines and design than I had ever considered myself to be – these were not interests that I nurtured during my undergrad. Taking on the role of Production Manager for Buzz magazine was therefore a real step out of my comfort zone and I love it.

Outside of university hours, I am trying to get myself along to as many magazine and publishing related events as possible, recently including the Delayed Gratification Infographics Workshop organised by the Professional Publishers Association (PPA). The rest of my time I tend to use practising yoga, reading books, listening to Radio 4 and sleeping.

Let’s chat! Here’s a link to my Twitter.

Arusa Qureshi

SONY DSCArusa is a MSc Magazine Publishing student and freelance writer from Edinburgh with a particular interest in arts journalism. She currently contributes music reviews and features to The List and is also a sub-editor for Scotland Outdoors Magazine.

She completed her undergraduate degree in English Literature at the University of Edinburgh and wrote her dissertation on the poetry of hip-hop. Although she hopes to work in magazine publishing in the future, her dreams of writing an academic textbook on gangsta rap and publishing a drag magazine remain intact.

When she’s not writing, she enjoys baking, re-watching shows on Netflix and belly dancing. Her favourite magazines are Mood Magazine and The Wire and her favourite book is Their Eyes Were Watching God. 

Twitter, LinkedIn and Portfolio.

Rachel Aitken

12633070_10153504161978789_1923527856_oMy name is Rachel Aitken and I am a Psychology graduate from the University of Glasgow. However after completing my degree, I realised my heart belonged to books, therefore I was ecstatic when I was accepted for the MSc Publishing course at Edinburgh Napier University. As well as continuing my love for books, the course has enticed me over to the world of magazines, so it is fantastic that I am the Digital Editor for Buzz magazine this year. I still can’t decide whether I prefer working with books or magazines more, they’re both so brilliant in different ways, but I do know I am moving to Australia in July, and will finally be free of the dreadful Scottish weather! I hope to find book or magazine editorial work in Melbourne or Sydney, as well as finally get the chance to get a cat!

I am a lover of all things fantasy, have an unhealthy relationship with coffee due to my commute over from Glasgow and have a small, cat-related obsession. You can follow me on Twitter here, or catch up with me on LinkedIn here!

Sophie Pinkoski

IMG_0019Sophie is a sci-fi fantasy writer who hopped on a plane to Edinburgh from Canada one summer to chase her dreams of becoming an author. She has an undergraduate degree in English literature from the University of Victoria with a special focus in Victorian Gothics and crime.

The MSc Publishing program is her way of infiltrating the publishing industry from the inside out in order to get tips on how to publish her books. She intends to hone her editing skills as Editorial Manager for this year’s Merchiston Publishing book project, A Voyage to Arcturus by David Lindsay, and Features Editor for Buzz Magazine.

When she’s not hard at work in the publishing scene, she’s dreaming of the day she can come home to an expansive personal library and a purring cat.