12633070_10153504161978789_1923527856_oMy name is Rachel Aitken and I am a Psychology graduate from the University of Glasgow. However after completing my degree, I realised my heart belonged to books, therefore I was ecstatic when I was accepted for the MSc Publishing course at Edinburgh Napier University. As well as continuing my love for books, the course has enticed me over to the world of magazines, so it is fantastic that I am the Digital Editor for Buzz magazine this year. I still can’t decide whether I prefer working with books or magazines more, they’re both so brilliant in different ways, but I do know I am moving to Australia in July, and will finally be free of the dreadful Scottish weather! I hope to find book or magazine editorial work in Melbourne or Sydney, as well as finally get the chance to get a cat!

I am a lover of all things fantasy, have an unhealthy relationship with coffee due to my commute over from Glasgow and have a small, cat-related obsession. You can follow me on Twitter here, or catch up with me on LinkedIn here!