On a typical Scottish blustery day, the Buzz team of intrepid students braved the elements to bring Buzz to the city of Edinburgh. Armed with a minibus and a map, they took various cafes, restaurants, hotels and bars by storm. With a total of 3000 copies to distribute, the Buzz team was kept extremely busy!

Although some drizzle threatened the distribution, the spirits of the students were un-dampened as they breezed though Morningside to Leith. As the afternoon wore on and the boxes began to dwindle, the clouds cleared and made way for the sun, reflecting the delight and enthusiasm of the students upon seeing their project come to light.

Zigzagging through the winding cobbled streets of Edinburgh, the students swarmed into the various locations. Meanwhile Derek, the much-appreciated driver, was sure to have cherished the brief intervals of peace and quiet and even made time for lunch on the go.

Have YOU found YOUR copy of buzz at the end of the rainbow?

Follow this link to see where you can pick up a copy or download a copy here.

By Penny Armour and Elizabeth Thompson, MSc Publishing.