ProfileAdam Harris is a student on the MSc Publishing course at Edinburgh Napier University. He hails from sunny Newcastle in distant England.

He has an undergraduate degree in History and English Language from the University of Edinburgh. For his dissertation he wrote about the history of censorship in comic books. This is because he likes to take any opportunity possible to write about comic books, which is also something he does in his meagre spare time.

As a part of the MSc Publishing course Adam is Project Manager for Innovations: a brand new academic journal designed to be the first in a long running series. He also successfully pitched a new edition of A Voyage to Arcturus to be published by Merchiston Publishing later this year. Finally he contributes articles to Buzz Magazine as well as working on its Advertising and Marketing teams.

Adam’s interests include comic books, cinema and drinking fancy alcohol. Adam is also not averse to writing in the third person.

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