A Voyage to Arcturus: Team Reflections

As we near the end of our project, the AVTA team have been doing some reflecting on working together on such an intense and rewarding project.

File_000 (13)L-R: Isobel, Julia, Margot, Sophie, Ruth N., Rachel & Amina

The process has been a real learning curve for us, some us starting with no practical publishing experience at all, and we feel that doing the project has given us skills we will continue to use throughout our careers. One of the best parts of doing the AVTA project has been the positive feedback we have received time and time again.

“I am very proud of our project and where we are now. We have had amazing feedback from people inside and outside of the industry, which is very rewarding.” Margot, Head of Design & Production

As far as team working goes, despite a few rough patches at high pressure times, the AVTA team have managed to build strong working relationships and an enjoyable atmosphere:

 “It’s been an absolute pleasure working with these ladies. Our team dynamic created something we can all truly be proud of.” Sophie, Head of Editorial

As we complete trimester two, the AVTA team are committed to continuing to work together on our final product, and hope to be able to make exciting announcements on that topic soon!

“I’ve really enjoyed being a part of Team AVTA, and the final presentation gave us such a sense of achievement; the ultimate reward would be to see our product in print/in the flesh” Ruth N, Editorial & Marketing

“I honestly couldn’t be more chuffed with our final product and everything we’ve accomplished #AVTA4lyfRachel, Editorial & Marketing

For now, continue to follow our journey on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram!

Author: Isobel Urwin

Current MSc Publishing student at Edinburgh Napier and book fanatic. Graduate from English Literature at the University of Edinburgh last year, having focussed my studies on a range of topics from 16th century sonnets to post-war novels. My favourite authors are Gabriel Garcia Marquez and Iris Murdoch, but I love discovering new books. Ideal job involves fiction marketing & travel!

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