The Journal of Perspectives on Applied Academic Practice (JPAAP) is an open-access, online journal which aims to provide not only a platform, but a “supportive publishing outlet” for both established and new authors who want to contribute to the investigation of current academic practices. In accordance with the stated objectives, JPAAP thus supplies specific editorial support to the journal’s contributors: and here is where I came into play for my placement.

To the numerous students attracted to the fiction market, academic publishing might not sound the most glamorous part of the industry, yet the first lesson I have learned from my time at JPAAP is how rewarding and creative working for an academic publication can be.

Under the knowledgeable guidance of Kirsteen Wright (Department of Learning and Teaching Enhancement here at Edinburgh Napier), I had the chance to get involved in the process of publishing an issue of the journal from beginning to end. This involved three months of hard work, but of great satisfaction too (as, for instance, the joy of reading my name in the issue!). From copyediting to setting the layout and maintaining contacts with the authors (and even some hints of html coding), my placement has been an invaluable, comprehensive, first-hand experience on the workflow of an open access journal.

My main task was the copy-editing of articles. With my career aspirations inclined towards the editorial sector, the hours spent on the works of scholars gave me a new confidence in dealing with subjects I am no expert in, but am willing to familiarise with as far as possible to enhance the articles within the journal.

I would like to thank Kirsteen for her kind advice, as well as for the trust she put in my work from the beginning.

You can find JPAAP’s current issue here, or find out about their work here.