When I began the MSc Publishing course in September, I knew I wanted to explore marketing and work with children’s books. When an internship opened up at Floris Books, Scotland’s largest independent children’s book publisher, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity for me to explore both of those areas of the publishing industry. Armed with fresh InDesign skills and a vague sense of what a marketing department actually did, I threw myself into the wonderful world of children’s publishing.

A typical day at Floris was never boring: it involved anything from compiling review lists and sending gratis copies to reviewers, to design work and social media planning. I inputed and helped track monthly sales and customer data, wrote blog posts aimed at teachers and readers alike, and designed flyers and posters for Floris authors and books.

As part of my internship, I was able to involve my crafting hobbies and do something a little different. My favourite project involved creating two projects from the new book Crocheting Soft Toys for use on social media. I helped create a crocheting how-to guide on Instructables and photographed the final stages of the project. I was even caught crocheting in the office.

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Courtesy of @FlorisBooks

The Kelpies imprint, which focuses on children’s books with a Scottish flavour, launched five picture books in March, and I was brought on to lend a hand at the launch event. For the first time, I was able to interact with the customer base the marketing team works so hard on connecting with. I helped create marketing materials for the event and had the chance to see how the entire Floris staff pulls together as a team to make such an event run smoothly. Watching the success of the Picture Kelpies launch showed me how important such events are to building the author-publisher relationship and the early sales figures for each book.

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© Justine Bottles

Over the course of my placement at Floris, I was able to practice and expand my established skill set as well as explore the inner workings of a children’s publisher. I learned that marketing is an essential and incredibly creative aspect of publishing that allows readers to directly interact with the their next favorite book.

I am glad to have been able to work with the marvellous and talented folks of Floris Books.

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