I was very lucky to spend my placement working with Jennie Renton, who works freelance for Luath Press. My placement was a little different from other Luath placements as I was based at Jennie’s second-hand bookshop Main Point Books. I had my own little office to work in and Jennie made me feel at home straight away. My love of bookshops was also catered to, and I had to force myself away from the shelves of beautiful old books to concentrate on the job at hand.

Main Point Books

Jennie was always eager to hear my opinion on everything from book covers to blurbs, and I completed a whole host of different tasks, gaining practical experience in both editorial and marketing. As I want to go into editorial, I got to spend the majority of my placement… copyediting, proofreading, and fact-checking books that were almost ready to go to print. I put manuscripts into House Style, got to write blurbs and develop AI sheets, as well as creating a detailed marketing plan for a book being published in the autumn. I was invited to sit in on meetings with authors, designers, and publishers and was always encouraged to give my thoughts.

Some of the beautiful books at Main Point
Some of the beautiful books at Main Point

Throughout my placement, I learned how important collaboration between departments is to a small publisher. I learned how to work with authors and I really benefitted from Jennie’s guidance on best editorial practice. Thank you Jennie and Luath Press!