Connect Publications is a leading contract publisher in the UK, creating print and digital publications for businesses, membership organisations and charities. Their clients include BAE Systems, Rolls Royce Marine, FMC Technologies and the Weir Group.

Connect’s main office is in Paisley, but I was based at their smaller office in Leith, where I was working with Daniel Lambie, Head of Development and Client Services. Having told Daniel that I had some experience in marketing and an interest in design, he developed three projects for me to work on while I was with the company.

Firstly, I was tasked with developing a brand for a series of educational events that Connect is planning to run in the coming months. I researched similar events being run by other companies, and looked into how they were marketing them. Over a few weeks, I designed a logo for the events and chose the name ‘Connect Conversations’.

Secondly, I was asked to research ideas for an infographic about Connect and the world of contract publishing. Daniel was keen to have a simple, eye-catching graphic for Connect’s website that quickly explained to potential clients what services they could offer. Together we came up with an idea for the ‘anatomy’ of Connect, featuring the different services relating to various parts of the body.

A selection of Connect's publications, across print, web and digital platforms
A selection of Connect’s publications, across print, web and digital platforms

Finally, I was asked to help with the making of a new video for Connect’s website. The current one features magazines that have since been rebranded, so Daniel wanted to create something up-to-date and different. I drafted a script and storyboard for a new video, which will be filmed by other members of the Connect team soon.

The Leith team were friendly and welcoming, and I learnt a lot from them while chatting over lunch as well as in the office. Unfortunately, I finished my placement before these projects came to a close. However, the input I made was both interesting and informative for me, and I really enjoyed my time with Connect. I look forward to seeing the finished products!