My time at Bright Red Publishing

I was very fortunate to spend my placement with the talented folk at Bright Red Publishing; the team that forms the leading Independent Scottish Education publishers.

Education publishing is something I stumbled into a fondness for over the course of this year, and I can now say that I’m a very big fan of textbooks, making a change from when I actually used them myself. Often when I was in school I wondered who came up with the textbooks I was BRP logo mainmade to study and now I wish I had been able to study from Bright Red’s – they are so engaging and precise (plus they smell wonderful).

It’s true that you learn more by doing and that is just what happened from day 1. On my first day I was greeted by Rosie, the Development Editor, and introduced to Alan and John, the Directors of the company. I was eager to gain some editorial experience, as this the one area my heart is set on working in. Over the course of my eight days I was given various editorial tasks to work on, such a proofreading and compiling picture lists. My eyes were opened to what it actually means to work in editorial. It is not solely correcting spelling and red pens.

I learned about contracts, had the chance to sit in on a design meeting, learned a lot about a curriculum that baffles me, and (most importantly) that not eating cake will not get you far in publishing!

I have enjoyed my time with Bright Red immensely, and am extremely grateful to the team there for giving me the opportunity to learn from and contribute to their work. Thank you! I look forward to completing my placement over the coming weeks.