From January to May this year, I have had the opportunity to do an internship at Drimlike, a multicultural creative digital agency based in Edinburgh which was founded in 2006 by two French friends.

I chose to do my placement at Drimlike as it is an agency that is very versatile and which offers a variety of digital services, from web marketing campaigns to digital apps. Because the presence of magazines in the digital world is getting stronger and stronger, I thought that a placement at Drimlike would be a great opportunity for me to learn some skills that could help me start my career in the magazine industry.

When I applied for the position of Web Marketing Intern at Drimlike, I was not really sure what to expect. Indeed, if I had some knowledge of marketing applied to magazine publishing, I had no previous experience of web marketing at all. I always had a curiosity for everything digital …but, looking back, I think that I was a bit naïve about the workings of the internet. That was before I got introduced to Search Engine Optimisation, also known as SEO. Behind those three letters was hiding a world that was completely unknown to me. SEO is a digital copywriting technique that is used to make content standing out on the web. During my internship at Drimlike, I quickly realised that SEO was at the core of digital marketing because I had to apply this technique for almost every task I did. Though it took me some time to tame the beast, I am very happy to have learned about SEO! I am sure this is a skill that will be extremely useful to have when working in the magazine industry.

One of the other tasks I had to do during my internship at Drimlike was to write content for online games. Indeed, Drimlike are gamification experts and manage several websites on which are published online games that are designed for young girls. When writing content for the games, I was very pleased to be able to apply what I had learned during my MSc in Magazine Publishing:  the importance of knowing your audience and creating a content that would appeal to it.  As a result, during the few months I spent at Drimlike, I had the chance to enjoy a trip back to my childhood: I discovered Disney Princesses I had never heard of, I realised that, fifteen years after I stopped playing with my favourite doll, Barbie is still ruling, and that Frozen is by far the most adored cartoon, ever!

Finally, one thing I will remember about my work experience at Drimlike is that the dread of typos is real when doing web marketing! If working in a multicultural environment was very pleasing, it was also quite challenging because I was twice more likely to make typos since I had to write copy either in French or in English, and things could get very confusing! Therefore, during my placement at Drimlike I was always working with an online dictionary to make sure that my copy was perfect! This experience really taught me a lot about the realities of publishing.

At Drimlike, I have had the chance to do a variety of tasks, from scheduling social media posts to planning a PR campaign for a book. I am very glad I had the opportunity to learn a little bit of everything, and I feel now more confident about my digital skills.

To know more about Drimlike, visit http://www.drimlike.com/.