Vikings, Kelpies, and Superheroes: Interning at Floris Books

When I began the MSc Publishing course in September, I knew I wanted to explore marketing and work with children’s books. When an internship opened up at Floris Books, Scotland’s largest independent children’s book publisher, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity for me to explore both of those areas of the publishing industry. Armed with fresh InDesign skills and a vague sense of what a marketing department actually did, I threw myself into the wonderful world of children’s publishing.

A typical day at Floris was never boring: Continue reading “Vikings, Kelpies, and Superheroes: Interning at Floris Books”

Innovations in Learning and Teaching: Meet Our Senior Editors

We’d like to introduce you to the senior editors of Innovations in Learning and Teaching: Christine Penman and Monika Foster.

Christine Penman
Christine Penman

Christine Penman: Senior Lecturer, Languages Subject Group Leader

Co-editor Christine Penman has dedicated much of her career to language and multi-modal communication teaching and research. Her theoretical and applied interests are in cultural and cross-cultural aspects of consumption with a particular focus on advertising.  As a fellow of the Higher Education Academy, her research on pedagogical initiatives places an emphasis on the internationalisation of the curriculum.  Her research outputs span these two areas of research interests in the form of national and international publications and conference presentations.

To learn more about Christine Penman, see her staff profile at Edinburgh Napier University’s webpage.

Dr MonikaFoster
Dr Monika Foster

Dr Monika Foster: Associate Professor and Director of Learning and Teaching

Associate Professor and Principal Fellow of Higher Education Academy, co-editor Dr Monika Foster has a long history of experience in pedagogical design and research outputs, placing her well in her position as co-editor of Innovations in Learning and Teaching.

Monika’s research interests lie in the linguistic, academic and cultural challenges faced by international students in cross-border education. Her recent research includes a scoping study of international student transitions as part of the QAA Enhancement Theme Transitions, a cross-university qualitative research study on exploring staff perceptions of internationalisation of the curriculum and a Santander funded research project on the motivations of South American students to study in the UK. She has published edited collections and pedagogic books nationally and internationally.

To learn more about Monika Foster, see her staff profile at Edinburgh Napier University’s webpage.

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Justine Bottles

12660436_10101798461869980_1520411390_nJustine Bottles packed her bags and moved from New York City to Edinburgh to pursue her MSc Publishing at Edinburgh Napier University. Through the program she has had the opportunity to attend the 2015 Frankfurt Book Fair, serve as Marketing Manager on an exciting student project, and pursued placements at Alban Books and Floris Books. She hopes to achieve a career in children’s and young adult books in this city’s vibrant publishing industry.

Her interests outside the classroom include reading a variety of genres from Victorian literature to modern science fiction and fantasy, amateur photography, watching movies, and exploring the city of Edinburgh.

Follow her exciting adventures as a publishing student in the United Kingdom here.