936667_10203456027975204_4023247009449536420_nOver the last couple of decades, I’ve chased many dreams. I’ve dreamed of becoming a concert pianist, an award-winning film director, the next Mrs Orlando Bloom, and now the dream is to write.

At seventeen I made the painful decision to abandon my dream of receiving an admission letter from Hogwarts and left Glasgow for Edinburgh University. A few hundred books later, and a couple of jaunts to India and Thailand, I graduated with a First in English Literature and a passion for all things wordy.

I knew I wanted to learn more about the demands and operations of the creative industries, and that’s led me here to an MSc in Publishing. Now the dream is to graduate and keep moving closer to a future where I can write full-time.

Until then you can find me writing for various online magazines (like this one here), or you can catch me on Twitter and LinkedIn.