Isobel Urwin

11880502_10153153960781589_5943355384355560444_nHi! My name is Isobel and I am currently studying MSc Publishing at Edinburgh Napier. I moved to Edinburgh from the Scottish Highlands in 2011 to study English Literature at Edinburgh University, where I spent 4 years reading and trying to figure out how to make a career out of it.

Through the course so far I’ve learned that publishing is so much more than just reading, and discovered interests in marketing and design that I never knew I would have. My dream is to work in fiction publishing – preferably somewhere abroad.

Outside of university, I’m still learning lots – I’m trying to teach myself coding, and Spanish. The rest of the time I’m reading, socialising, or wishing I was on a beach in Argentina. Favourite books change all the time; right now they are Under the Net by Iris Murdoch and Alexander Masters’ Stuart: A Life Backwards.

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Author: Isobel Urwin

Current MSc Publishing student at Edinburgh Napier and book fanatic. Graduate from English Literature at the University of Edinburgh last year, having focussed my studies on a range of topics from 16th century sonnets to post-war novels. My favourite authors are Gabriel Garcia Marquez and Iris Murdoch, but I love discovering new books. Ideal job involves fiction marketing & travel!

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