Today as I was wandering through the forest I came across a peculiar looking creature. He was pale, like a ghost, and not at all like the two-legged creatures I’ve seen here before. It seems that both of us were equally startled by the appearance of the other. I think I gave him a fright and he flew an arrow at me! I would never have attacked him! Giving him a snort I ran back into the forest away from the pale, two-legged beast.

We tapirs aren’t vicious creatures, in fact, we are endangered. If you don’t know what I look like, close your eyes and imagine a pig with a trunk! I am related to horses and rhinoceroses. Scientists believe my species are quite ancient and that we’ve changed very little over tens of thousands of years. To eat I use my short prehensile trunk. I use it to eat leaves and fruits (not two-legged beasts!) I can also dive to eat aquatic plants, they’re my favourite. I like to go into the water to cool off!

If you would like to see a real life tapir you should visit my relatives at Edinburgh Zoo. The tapirs there look a little different to me though, I am a Lowland tapir and the ones at the zoo are Malayan tapirs. On the 31st December last year, a baby boy named Mekong was born to his mum Sayang and dad Mogli. Go and see him soon, he still has his spots!

One of the tapirs at Edinburgh Zoo
One of the tapirs at Edinburgh Zoo!

That’s all I have time to tell you for now! I must get back to roaming the forest. You can find me again within the pages of The Adventures of Martin Rattler.

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