Dear diary,
Today I got into trouble at school. I got punished for playing a prank on John. Everyone laughed and thought it was very funny when I put soot on his face, everyone except Bob Croaker. He’s the school bully, and everyone knows that he’s horrible and cruel. I had to stay in during playtime while everyone else was outside, and Croaker threatened to throw my kitten in the stream. When I escaped the classroom I ran as fast as I could across the playground to save it and ended up in a great fight with Croaker. I didn’t want to fight him, I never get into fights if I can help it, but he gave me no choice! You should have seen my aunt’s face when I came home from school, soaking wet and covered in mud! But at least I won and Bob Croaker won’t be bothering me again. Today wasn’t all bad though, I made a new friend, Barney O’ Flannagan. He’s a sailor who’s told me all sorts of exciting stories about life at sea. Maybe one day I’ll get to join his crew!

Martin, age 10.

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