Being a publishing student you could think it odd for me to do my placement in a bookshop and not in a publishing house. This is because I wanted to learn about another aspect of the book industry and book selling is a key point in the book trade.

I was lucky enough to spend 10 days in great bookshop, which is also a coffee place, Looking Glass Books based on the Quartermile. As I am interested in sales and marketing this place was the perfect opportunity for me to put in good use, and improve, the skills I learned in this field during the year.

Because this independent bookshop hosts a lot of events throughout the year I was appointed with the task of creating several databases (Microsoft Excel has no secret for me any more) and mainly helping with the promotion of several events. I was particularly thrilled to be able to start a new project with the manager of the shop, it was great to look after a project from the start! This placement has also taught me that working in the marketing department involves a lot of researches and I spent a lot of time hunting for ideas and information about the project and other different tasks.

Fortunately, all this work was made easier by the nice cups of tea provided by the very friendly staff!

Permission given by Looking Glass Books


If you want to know more about the events at Looking Glass Books just visit their website