Hi Magazine
Permission given by No.1 Media

What a year this has been! I was fortunate enough to have been accepted into the first year of the MSc Magazine Publishing course at Edinburgh Napier University. As a result, I have been exposed to such amazing opportunities over the past few months.

One of the most significant parts of this course is the opportunity to complete a work placement which allows us to gain some practical experience from within the industry. I found it hugely beneficial to be able to gain this experience, not only from within the UK magazine publishing industry but also from within the Irish magazine publishing industry.

Along with other colleagues of mine I completed a two week placement with Connect Communications, a contract publishing company in Glasgow and Edinburgh. After that I was then able to spend a period of time in Ireland working for No.1 Media Group in Cork.  I am now a regular contributor to one of their titles Hi Magazine which is Munster’s Social and Wedding Diary. I am delighted to be a part of this magazine as it is helping to promote and support local people and businesses in Munster.

I find it refreshing to see magazines such as Hi Magazine adapting and progressing in the current Irish market. They have now launched a new website for Hi Magazine which allows for people to read the entire magazine for free online. They are the first social magazine in Ireland to offer itself free online to its readers. Some might wonder why they would do this but the answer is simple, they want to reach out to the thousands of people who have an affinity with Munster and who may not be able to buy a print copy from stores. My job with Hi Magazine is to track down some of these people who have gone abroad to work and study and then I profile one person for every issue.

Hi Magazine stands out as a magazine that really cares about its readers and what matters to them. From each copy of Hi that is sold in shops, 10 cent of every issue will go to cancer support services throughout Munster. While this is just a small contribution, it is also an additional way of raising awareness.

The power of magazines becomes increasingly more evident.