When first looking at the publishing programme at Edinburgh Napier University, what really set the programme apart from others and got me to apply was the work placement module. I could only imagine how valuable it would be to gain actual experience at a publishing workplace. When the placement module first started and we were preparing for our placements I was equally excited and nervous. However there was no need to be worried, The Media Publishing Company Ltd have been most kind and welcoming to me as an intern at Foodies Magazine. Not only did I face new challenges every day at the office but moreover, my opinion and ideas were listened to and valued.

The Media Publishing Company publishes several magazines such as Foodies Magazine and Living Abroad. They are also responsible for the Foodies Festival. The Media Publishing Company employs 13 people, eight in sales, three in editorial and two part time designers. Needless to say the team is very small and interning there means working directly with the director and editor. I must say having to work so closely with directors was a bit alarming when I first started my placement, but as the days have passed I have started to appreciate the experience it has given me. Because of its small size, the company has given me great diversity of tasks such as flowing text in design layouts of articles,  proofread the magazine before it goes to printer, liaising with the editor, contributors and external printers, conducting picture research, news research, inputting copy and answering the phone. I certainly feel my placement has given me the opportunity to try, and to further develop the skills I have learned on the MSc Publishing programme.

Before starting the placement I had pictured a big gleaming and busy office with countless people at work. I am now, however, grateful for experiencing work at such a small independent publishing house. I have been so lucky to experience various tasks from most parts of the work flow process at Foodies Magazine and have now gotten a real feel of how it is to work at such a publishing house. Interning at Foodies has left me with a sense of pride and accomplishment. Picking up that first copy of the glossy magazine and examining it proudly while thinking of my part in creating the product is the best feeling ever and well worthwhile the hard work.

Image courtesy of The Media Publication Company Ltd.