A part of the team!
Photo credits: Natacha Blavoyer

When one thinks about publishing, one naturally pictures books, magazines and other printed content. As such, most of my classmates are undertaking their work placements with either book or magazine publishing companies. But as we are all aware, everything is now “going digital”, the rise of the e-book being a very good example of the so-called digital revolution. The word publishing should therefore evoke not only books and magazines, but also websites and the internet. Running a website, whether it is for commercial or personal purposes, means writing or commissioning and publishing content, and advertising this content for a specific audience. Isn’t this definition close to how we would describe book and magazine publishing, too? My choice to do a long-term internship with a digital communication agency is therefore not so surprising, and I am about to tell you a little bit more about this experience.

My role at Drimlike is that of a French Digital Copywriter, which is fairly self-explanatory since my main task is to write new content in French for the web. Drimlike is an international agency based in Edinburgh that employs French, Scottish, Spanish and German people. The reason for this is that the company is currently working on a website available in four different languages. Targeting an international audience is always a very ambitious task, nowadays made easier thanks to the internet. However, given the amount of competitor websites available, it is essential to maximize visibility by ensuring that your websites remain on top of search engine page results. The problem is that Google is a powerful guru who decides the ranking position of each website, and being friends with him is not an easy task! One of the best ways to please Google and stay on top of the ranking is Search Engine Optimization (SEO), which involves optimizing written content using keywords and links to other pages. I wasn’t familiar with SEO at all before starting my placement, but thanks to the lovely people who have welcomed me for a few months, I now know the basics of it.

My work placement at Drimlike has definitely given me valuable experience and has taught me a lot in terms of digital marketing and copywriting, which I am sure are skills that I will use in my professional career. Indeed, during a talk entitled “How To Get Into Publishing” that took place at The London Book Fair 2012, Neil Morrison (Random House HR director) said that new jobs requiring a good understanding of the uses of internet and social networks are now entering publishing companies. Like I said, everything is now going digital and publishers have to adapt to this change by creating a space for new jobs.

Although I cannot say that I now master the complicated and ever-changing process that is SEO, I am still very happy with what I will take with me at the end of this professional experience!

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