Another visit from our author and exciting news!

Yesterday we received another visit from our author, Aileen Paterson!


She came in to see how we were getting on and to offer feedback on what we have been working on. We even got to see some of the new illustrations she has done for Maisie and the Night Visitor! All we can say for now is that they look great. Of course, we can’t show you any of them now, but watch this space for more updates from the Maisie team!


That isn’t our only news today… we are proud to announce that Blackwell’s Edinburgh will be exclusively stocking Maisie and the Night Visitor in a limited print run. Until you get your paws on Maisie’s latest book, you can pop into Blackwell’s Edinburgh and pick up some fantastic Maisie merchandise. They have jigsaws, mugs, prints, magnets and really cute Maisie tote bags. Blackwell’s have a long history of stocking the Maisie books and have been incredibly supportive of the project. We are very excited about the opportunity and can’t wait to see our book on the shelves in Blackwell’s.


Next week Maisie and the team are heading to the London Book Fair, so stay tuned for lots more Maisie related news coming soon!






Live E-book Project

Painting by Claudia Massie

Students will be publishing The New Road by Neil Munro as an e-book this year. This is the first time that the book will be published in an electronic version.

Neil Munro (1863-1930) was a journalist and writer who worked for various newspapers, including The Glasgow News, and was one of the outstanding literary figures of his day. The New Road follows Aeneas Macmaster as he unravels the truth behind the death of his Jacobite father, and gradually becomes disillusioned with the glamorous view of the Highlands. To find out more about the book, visit our website here, where you can find a short extract, find out more about the author, listen to readings of the books by the students, see the work in progress on our map, find a selection of paintings by our illustrator Claudia Massie, and download the advance information sheet.

To find out more about Neil Munro, you can visit The Neil Munro Society website here.