London Book Fair: A First Impression

A publishing student talks about her experience tackling #LBF18

There has been a lot of talk, both in my classes and out of them in the last few months, about London Book Fair. Talk about how big it is, the idea that it might be overwhelming when you first see it, that there will be a lot of publishers there: not just from the UK but worldwide. Where will you stay? How long are you going for? What panels are you planning to go to? Which stalls do you want to visit? Do you have any meetings set up? No- do you?

Honestly by the time I got on the train last Monday morning I was sick to the back teeth of talking about London Book Fair (LBF). I just wanted to see it. Continue reading “London Book Fair: A First Impression”

MSc Publishing students visit London Book Fair

Our SCOB/MSc Publishing party at LBF

Avoiding volcanic ash, cancelled flights and over-crowded trains, a private bus ensured MSc Publishing students and staff arrived safely at this major publishing event.

With over 23,000 industry professionals attending the 3-day event, the London Book Fair represents ‘the largest gathering of international literary agents, publishers and publishing suppliers under one roof’.

This year MSc Publishing students were provided with free travel and accommodation, allowing them to take full advantage of the London Book Fair and all the learning – and networking! – opportunities it provided.

Thanks to the Scottish Centre for the Book (SCOB), we also had a stand within Publishing Scotland where students could rest between seminars. Obviously, we took the opportunity to host a party while we were there!

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