Internship at Floris Books

Back in October I was lucky enough to secure an internship with Floris Books, a small but dynamic independent Scottish publisher who specialise in children’s picture books and an impressive non-fiction range. The worst thing about my internship with Floris was that it had to end. Even though I spent 9 months interning with them, I was sad that I had to leave.

Image courtesy of Floris Books

From the very start of my internship the lovely Floris team made me feel welcome, quickly getting rid of any worries I had about what it would be like to be ‘the intern’. Not only do Floris have a well-stocked tea cupboard with more options than I could have imagined but when the office was a bit chilly I would regularly be offered a hot water bottle. They couldn’t have made me feel more at home!

Floris may be a small publisher, but they’re making a big name for themselves and I was very happy to be able to experience the launch of their Kelpies Teen imprint in March this year. I was lucky enough to get to help out at the launch and even meet some of the authors! I also got to proofread the entire manuscript of Lari Don’s Mind Blind shortly before it went to print. Suddenly holding a red pen felt like a huge responsibility… Continue reading “Internship at Floris Books”


Pushkin Prizes Update

Pushkin Prizes 2014

Everyone on the team is delighted to say that we have now taken delivery of the 2014 Pushkin Prizes winners’ work! For those interested in how we are working here, we can briefly outline the process we are working to.

When the winners’ work came to us, we scanned them into our computers using OCR (Optical Character Recognition) software; this meant that we could edit the work on a word processor quicker than if we had typed out each winner’s work individually.












Once we have converted the work into digital format, it enables the editorial team to begin their work. This begins with a quick read through to make sure that the OCR software hasn’t made any glaring errors or mistakes. Once this is done they print out a copy of the work and do a ‘copy edit’. This is where they write on the paper to flag things such as spelling errors or issues with sentence structure. Then, these changes are made and logged on the digital copy. Next, the team apply a ‘house style’ to the work, so that there is one uniform format throughout each piece of work. After this, the work will be proof read a number of times in preparation for being handed over to our production team! What is important through the entire process is that the entrants’ work is kept authentic. It is their work and we want to keep it that way, so that they can still be proud of their work in ten years’ time.












The production team have already been working away for weeks creating a template and layout of the book all ready for when the competition winners’ work comes in. As well as this they have been creating some amazing potential cover designs. Once they get the work in from the editorial team they can place the raw text into the blank layouts. Then they apply the design house style so that the text is in the correct typeface and size, as well as making the such things as chapter headings and page numbers look good.

These processes are still on going whilst we build up to publication. We will keep you updated with more information about the project, behind the scenes looks and pictures. For other updates follow @EdNapierPublish.

The Pushkin Prizes 2014 – We need your help!

Pushkin logoHere at Merchiston Publishing work is well underway on one of our exciting live projects: The Pushkin Prizes Anthology 2014, a collection of creative writing by Scottish and Russian teenagers aged between 12-14. Now that we have recieved all the winning entries from the competition, the editorial team are working extra hard to get these ready for publication and our production team have started working on some cover designs to make the collection vibrant and appealing.

We feel passionately about publishing the anthology, through which we hope to raise the profile of The Pushkin Prizes throughout Scotland and promote creative writing as a valuable endeavour for pupils and teachers. We hope to promote the project as widely as possible and so are aiming to provide at least one copy of the anthology free of charge to every secondary school in Scotland.

However, we need your help. In order for us to distribute at least one copy of the anthology to each secondary school in Scotland (of which there are more than 400), we require your donations. The aim of this project is entirely charitable as we want to bring a love of creative writing to as wide an audience as possible. With your kind help, we can continue to support The Pushkin Prizes and encourage budding new writers to pick up their pens!

If you’re still to be convinced, we hope our video will reassure you that this project is worthwhile donating your spare change to.  To donate and view our video, please visit this page:



We would like to extend thanks in advance for any contributions to our project!

To keep up-to-date with the progress of the project you can also follow our twitter @EdNapierPublish or for more information on The Pushkin Prizes you can visit their website and Facebook page.


Maisie Hits the Mews!

Screen Shot 2014-02-25 at 11.43.26

Edinburgh’s favourite cat has hit the big time news! Read all about Maisie’s latest adventure in STV’s article, featuring an interview with Project Manager, Eve Scott.

After launching our social media campaign, we were thrilled to be contacted by STV Edinburgh who were interested in the project and wanted to do an interview with us.

2014 marks the 30th year anniversary of the Maisie books and we hope that this publicity will help to spread the news about Maisie and her big celebration!

To keep updated with Maisie’s adventures you can follow us on twitter @edinburghmaisie and check out our Facebook page.  Maisie also has a brand new website, full of activities, photos and lots more still to come!

A Visit From Aileen Paterson


Recently Aileen Paterson, author and illustrator of the Maisie series, came to visit the Maisie Pushkin team at the Merchiston campus. She had a quick tour of the departments to meet the team and was updated on what we are currently working on for Maisie and the Night Visitor. She is very excited about the project and told us, ‘It’s great that we’re going to improve this [Maisie & The Night Visitor] from 30 years ago’. Aileen brought some great Maisie illustrations for us to look at and potentially use.

She even brought us a couple of friends… introducing Maisie the puppet and one of the last remaining Maisie stuffed toys!


She even let the Marketing team take the Maisie toy home so that we can use her in our promotional material and social networking. I’m sure you may have already seen Maisie cropping up on our Twitter and Facebook pages! She will definitely be making many more appearances in the future! We are looking forward to further visits from Aileen so stay tuned for more updates from the Maisie Pushkin team!

Meet the Maisie/Pushkin Team

Hello. We thought it was about time we introduced ourselves.

We’re students on the MSc Publishing studies programme at Edinburgh Napier University and we’ve recently started working on some exciting new projects for Merchiston Publishing, the University’s long established in-house publisher.

We are one of two groups working on four different projects for Merchiston Publishing this year. Our team are in charge of two of these projects – The Pushkin Prizes Anthology 2014 and Maisie and the Night Visitor. To find out more about both projects, visit our Live Projects pages for The Pushkin Prizes Anthology 2014 and Maisie and the Night Visitor. You can also follow the @EdNapierPublish twitter to keep up to date with all of our projects.

Project Managers

Georgia Walters and Eve Scott

Heading up the team are our enthusiastic, organised and committed Project Managers, Eve and Georgia. As the driving force behind our team, both Eve and Georgia have been instrumental in getting both projects going and we have every faith that their determination and passion will carry us through any challenges we may face. Georgia is taking the lead on The Pushkin Prizes Anthology 2014 and Eve, who has been a Maisie fan since she was young, is in charge of Maisie and the Night Visitor.


Here’s what they had to say about the projects –

Georgia Walters (PM) The Pushkin Prizes Anthology 2014-

“I’m honoured to be part of the team publishing the latest Pushkin Prizes anthology. Fraser Ross Associates has generously allowed us free reign in showcasing 2014’s winners, and we hope to do justice to the 26-year history of the prizes whilst adding our own new design and ideas. As students ourselves it’s lovely to be helping to inspire the creativity of our younger counterparts.”

Eve Scott (PM) Maisie and the Night Visitor-

“When I learned that Merchiston Publishing focuses on Scottish authors, the Maisie series seemed like a perfect fit. I grew up with it so it’s really exciting to have the opportunity to add a title to such a fantastic series. We’re working closely with the author to add some special content to this tale and we’re looking forward to launching this special limited edition to celebrate 30 ‘amaising’ years!”



Team: Keara Donnachie (DM), Saskia van der Lingen, Chris Byrne and Annie King

Our super editorial team are ready to battle against poorly constructed sentences and excessive use of exclamation marks! They are involved in everything content-related, from the initial stages of adding content, right the way through to editing that content to make sure it is of the best possible quality. Armed with red pens and a sharp eye for detail, they are ready to catch any rogue commas that may threaten our projects.



Team: Gaby Barrios (DM), Alix Thomazi, Laura Will and Melissa LoParco

Our lovely production team are the artsy, creative types behind the projects. They’re in charge of making sure the projects look great. They think you should always judge a book by its cover, so they have one of the most important jobs. With their InDesign shortcuts memorised they are ready to go and they have already started work on some fantastic covers for both projects.



Anastasia Gorgan (Rights DM), Harriet Leslie, Doug Sloan (Finance DM) and Xin Dong

Arguably the most important decision makers, these guys are there to make sure we are following all the rules and to stop marketing from spending all their money on a helicopter trip. They have the difficult task of budgeting, contacting printers and dealing with contracts. We’ll let you in on a secret: we’re not quite sure what they get up to, but we imagine that when they aren’t dealing with finances and rights they’re off fighting crime or something equally impressive . . .



Team: Becky Brown, Leanne Butchart, Michele Cheng, Jack Evans (DM) and Candice Sooknarine

Lastly, it’s us: the marketing team. Or as we like to be known, the five marketeers! You’ll hear a lot from us over the next few months as we promote our exciting new projects. Armed with nothing more than enthusiasm and an endless supply of cat puns, we hope to act as the mascots for our projects and can’t wait to show off the work done by the rest of our team members. We’ll be tweeting, posting, organising events, creating videos and just generally being enthusiastic about everything (especially that helicopter trip!).

That’s all for now.

Stay tuned for more updates about our projects soon!