A Visit From Aileen Paterson


Recently Aileen Paterson, author and illustrator of the Maisie series, came to visit the Maisie Pushkin team at the Merchiston campus. She had a quick tour of the departments to meet the team and was updated on what we are currently working on for Maisie and the Night Visitor. She is very excited about the project and told us, ‘It’s great that we’re going to improve this [Maisie & The Night Visitor] from 30 years ago’. Aileen brought some great Maisie illustrations for us to look at and potentially use.

She even brought us a couple of friends… introducing Maisie the puppet and one of the last remaining Maisie stuffed toys!


She even let the Marketing team take the Maisie toy home so that we can use her in our promotional material and social networking. I’m sure you may have already seen Maisie cropping up on our Twitter and Facebook pages! She will definitely be making many more appearances in the future! We are looking forward to further visits from Aileen so stay tuned for more updates from the Maisie Pushkin team!


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