Recently, I began an internship with publishing consultant Ann Crawford. Ann has a wealth of experience and contacts in the UK publishing industry which she has decided to bring to consultancy. She also works on editorial and marketing projects for several businesses. This seemed ideal for me, as someone who would like to learn more about the nooks and crannies of Scotland’s publishing industry.

A capable pair of hands indeed, Ann is also multi-skilled and passionate about many different creative projects. As a result, the placement has several aspects to it.

One aspect is assisting Ann with her editorial duties in any way necessary, such as research, looking into promoting and marketing, and compiling databases of contacts. The other is helping her to establish an online brand, business plan and website for her consultancy company. A role that I have been playing a very specific role in is designing the look of the company’s brand.

One of the most interesting things about working with Ann is that she has done a lot of publishing work for companies and institutions that aren’t publishing houses, but do make use of publications. She currently works on projects for companies in this way. There are certain challenges in working with businesses like this, which has broadened my interpretation of the publishing industry considerably. This is of great benefit to a publishing student who will soon be looking for work in a competitive industry.

Something Ann has been keen to do, on the side of all her other work, is use publishing to benefit those in need. Together, we found a common interest in investigating ways that publishing can help people who have found themselves homeless. To this point, we have been plotting a project that we hope may take flight well beyond the realms of an internship project. It has meant a lot to me that this is a project Ann is willing to share with an intern.

Logo design work space – but no sneak peaks!

Working with Ann is refreshing in many ways, and particularly because her passion for all things publishing is an unstoppable force in itself! It is easy to become jaded or stressed with publishing and its many deadlines, but Ann’s outlook on the work is a breath of fresh air and is certainly an outlook that has had an impact on me.

From the beginning of this placement, I have been overwhelmed by Ann’s kindness and her enthusiasm for hoping that I will able to learn from her. Though it is early days in this placement, I certainly have already learned from Ann and know that I will continue to do so.