WL-Logo-stacked-COLOURIn April I was fortunate enough to secure a two-week design internship at White Light Media, a content marketing agency based at The Shore in Leith, Edinburgh. I first became aware of White Light Media after reading a copy of Hot Rum Cow, a charismatic drinking magazine that explores the endlessly entertaining world of booze through great storytelling, photography and illustrations. They are also the organisers of World Whisky Day, a day that “invites everyone to try a dram and celebrate the water of life”.

After reading the magazine and researching the company and its projects further, it quickly became my mission to secure an internship there. In late 2016 I applied for the SYP mentor programme, specifically requesting a mentor at or related to WLM. I was very lucky to be paired with Christina McPherson, a Senior Editor at WLM. From career advice to guiding me through the process of creating my own magazine, she is incredibly supportive. Christina was kind enough to put me in touch with Eric Campbell, Managing Director at WLM and the Creative Director of Hot Rum Cow magazine, whom I secured the internship with.

During the internship I was given a variety of briefs and tasks to develop my ideas and design skills. These ranged from designing menus and invitations for a live client to developing illustration ideas for Hot Rum Cow to practicing my magazine layout skills.

During the projects I was able to develop my Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator skills. However, I also got back to basics and started the majority of my graphics with pen and paper. The feedback given throughout the internship was constructive, honest, professional and inspiring. If something wasn’t right they told me exactly why and how I could resolve it. I was reminded that design is about balance; familiar and new, obvious and hidden, fun and informative, perfect and imperfect.

The team at White Light Media are amazing, and they work together to create the best solutions they can. The office environment is great as well, there’s always laughing, lots of tea and treats, and some games on the office foosball table at the end of the day. They have a great collection of whisky, magazines for inspiration and a wee office dog called Angus. My internship at White Light Media reminded me how much I love being in a fast-paced, idea-driven, creative environment. If I end up working for a company like White Light Media I’ll be very lucky indeed.

I would like to say a final thank you to the entire White Light media team. I learnt so much in those two weeks and I really appreciate all the help and advice you gave me.

You can find out more about White Light Media and their projects at: http://www.whitelightmedia.co.uk

Check out Hot Rum Cow magazine at: http://www.hotrumcow.co.uk

Check out World Whisky Day at: http://www.worldwhiskyday.com