Jam-packed year of events, guest speakers and industry visits!

After the triumph of our Publishing Showcase last Thursday, we were reviewing all the activities we have organised and participated in this year.

It truly has been a bumper edition of Publishing studies this year!

The year kicked off in grand style with Magfest on 18 Sept 2015 (http://www.magfest.co.uk/). The list below works backwards from today to that fantastic event.

We had a JAM-PACKED series of guest lectures, masterclasses, seminars and events in 2015/16. And our degrees do not even finish until the end of August!

25 Feb. 2016 – Nick Creed, The Drum
4 Feb 2016 – Kenny Kemp, Kemp Communications (http://kennykemp.co.uk/)
2 Dec – Adrian Searle, Freight Publishing
18 Nov – Helenor Gilmour, Director, Gilmour Graham Consulting, former Head of Consumer Insight and Brand Development at DC Thomson
4 Nov – Fraser Allen, Whitelight Media (www.whitelightmedia.co.uk, https://medium.com/@Poppy, http://www.worldwhiskyday.com/
28 Oct – Marion Sinclair, Chief Executive of Publishing Scotland
21 Oct – John Innes, Group Account Director & Head of Scottish Office, Think Publishing (http://www.thinkpublishing.co.uk/)
14 Oct 2015 – Nikki Simpson, Business Manager, PPA Scotland

As a new initiative this year as part of our Placement module (trimester 2), we also heard from the following companies:

4 April – Four Letter Word magazine founders (http://www.theflw.com/fourletterword-talk.html)
23 March – Show Me the Money: Forecasting, revenues, costs, tax (Bright Red industry seminar)
16 March – Social Media & Networking with Sarah Stenhouse ()
3 March – Intellectual Property (IP) forum with 4 legal firms: Harper MacLeod, Michael Ellis, Murgitroyd & Shepherd & Wedderburn
22 Feb – Sara Sheridan (best-selling author), www.sarasheridan.com
22 Feb – Events Masterclass with Nikki Simpson, Business Manager, PPA Scotland
8 Feb 2016 –Dianne Newman & Andrew Macbeth, RAM (Research and Analysis of Media AB)

Jaki Hawker, Academic Manager, Blackwell’s Bookshop
Vicki Rutherford, Managing Editor, Canongate
Katy Lockwood-Holmes, Publisher & Chief Executive, Floris Books

19 May – launch of Publishers Inc (Publishers Inc 2016) and our Publishing Showcase at the SACI Degree Show
10–14 May – visit to Mainz, Germany
5 May – launch of our magazine, Buzz, www.buzzmag.org
22 April – Creating Amazing Events, training session organised by PPA Scotland, delivered by William Thomson of Gallus Events, and hosted by Postgraduate Publishing at ENU
11–14 April – London Book Fair
4 April – Networking Workshop, Confident Futures
24 Mar – PPA Scotland Audience Segmentation Workshop (discounted tickets negotiated for our students)
18 March – SYP Scotland Conference
14 March – visit to Bell & Bain (printers) and Booksource (book distributor)
25 Feb – Publishing Scotland conference (discounted tickets negotiated for our students)
17 Feb – PPA Scotland Events Seminar (negotiated discounted student tickets for this industry event)
16 Dec – PPA Scotland Annual Magazine Awards
29–1 Oct – visit to The Burn
18 Sept – Magfest, http://www.magfest.co.uk/
11 Sept 2015 – Representatives from SYP Scotland (Society of Young Publishers, Scotland branch)

Whew! I think that’s everything.

Sincere thanks to everyone who has contributed to this year, and given of your valuable time and experience.

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