photoblogpostHi! My name is Alice and I am an MSc Magazine Publishing student. I am a wee French lassie who arrived in Edinburgh in 2013 to do some research for a dissertation but never left the country! I have two undergraduate degrees, one in History and one in English.

It’s always been difficult for me to choose between the things I love…

Today, I am eager to start a career in publishing. A few years back, I thought I wanted to be a journalist but I couldn’t see myself doing anything but writing. The discovery of the MSc Magazine Publishing came as a blessing for me because it was truly all I ever wanted to do.

This year I have been working hard, hoping to learn as much as I can to succeed in the magazine industry. I already have two internships going at the same time and I am hopping I will manage to do a third one this year!

I can’t deny that I am literally obsessed with dogs and many other things, but my true passion is food. A few years back, I wrote a dissertation on Scottish cookery and the influence of France during the Renaissance period… In my blog, I am trying to write about my everyday life as a wee Frenchie in the Scottish capital.

À bientôt!

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