In October I began an internship with Floris Books, a small independent publisher of children’s books, and a variety of non-fiction titles. I was lucky enough to spend six months working at Floris, and gained experience in the marketing and editorial departments.

Having no publishing experience at all before I started at Floris I felt nervous and was unsure of what to expect – we’ve all heard the stories of the intern being made to lick envelopes and make cups of tea all day! However I needn’t have worried. Floris made me feel at home right away and trusted me with a variety of tasks: from creating adverts, to writing press releases, to dressing like a pirate and creating origami magpies, it’s all in a day’s work for a children’s publisher!

The Nowhere Emporium
The close leading to Riddle’s Court decorated for the launch of The Nowhere Emporium

Although I was working as a marketing intern for Floris, they allowed me to try my hand at some editorial tasks too. I styled manuscripts, gave feedback to authors on the slush pile and wrote blurbs for new books. I’m thankful for this opportunity as I had never considered working in editorial before, and have now improved my publishing skillset.

One of the most exciting things I got to work on at Floris was the marketing and book launch for The Nowhere Emporium by Ross MacKenzie. I got swept up in designing mystical, magical posters, and loved every minute of decorating Riddle’s Court with candles, stars and antique trinkets for the launch event.

Floris were a fantastic publisher to work for: patient, knowledgeable and kind to the last. They promised never to call me “the intern”, and they stuck to it!