Celebrating Christmas – and games – with the DrimTeam
Celebrating Christmas – and games – with the DrimTeam

When you tell people you study Publishing, they automatically think of books. Then maybe magazines and newspapers. But really, Publishing can be anything. Just stop for a minute and think of the core meaning of the word “publishing” (making content public), or of the fact that I actually had to press “publish” for this blog post to appear here…

So here’s how I learnt about Publishing by choosing not to do my first placement in a publishing house!

On my first placement this year, I got to work for Drimlike, a creative digital agency based in Edinburgh. Drimlike is a dedicated, friendly and international team of less than 10 people – working in English, French, Spanish and German, and specialising in web design and marketing, graphic design, editorial, apps and games. Working with such a close-knit team …

in an open-plan office, I got to ask questions, take part in the decision-making process on various rebranding projects (I was lucky enough to start my placement just as they were redesigning a whole network of entertainment websites for children). I also benefitted from a crash course on Seach Engine Optimisation (SEO), aka. how to be best friends with Google by pleasing it without being too obvious. I also got to discover and learn how to use Google Analytics – which was weirdly fascinating. SEO and Analytics are two essential and very powerful tools for any digital business today, or really just any business using a website and social media, looking to know their audience better.

As French Creative Copywriter, I was asked to write content – in French, obviously – mainly for Jeux2Cuisine, an entertainment website offering blog articles, recipes and cooking games for kids aged 8-12. This was a very exciting opportunity first of all to see some of my own recipes published, but also to market them, and make them fun and attractive. One of the keys to successful publishing is no doubt knowing your audience – who and where they are, what they like, how to reach out to them and how to make them want your product. Getting children interested in cooking was an exciting challenge!

I also had to write short stories to make children want to play various cooking games, which was sometimes a bit tricky – you wouldn’t believe how many cupcake games are out there! I got to realise what a strange exercise copywriting is, where you need to stop thinking as yourself, and start thinking as your audience – for me, it meant turning into a 10 year old every Friday morning for a couple of months…

I believe this placement has taught me a lot on working in the creative industry, but also on how to embrace digital and change. Working with a small – and friendly – team is always a very rewarding experience, as you get to learn and do so much. I would definitely recommend this placement to people looking to work in marketing or simply interested in gaining valuable knowledge in design, copywriting and SEO!

PS: Watch out for my next post this summer, where you’ll get to follow me on my next placement as an Editorial Assistant in glamorous Paris… so, as the French say, à bientôt!