Working With Connect

Project manage a digital app that could be used to promote Connect at pitches and garner new business.

Connect’s Paisley Office

A fantastic sounding job. I looked forward to making tea for this genius designer and shadowing them to see how they overcame all the myriad challenges of this exciting and demanding project. Wait. I’m the project manager? I felt for the genius designer, out there somewhere lamenting the loss of an excellent opportunity to a panic struck student who felt he was in way over his head. That’s me!

I was swiftly put at ease by my supervisor, who was dedicated to ensuring the placement was valuable to me and had me working stage by stage on the planning, design and implementation of the project. In other words, a microcosm of a new product launch, with me at the helm. Oh dear. We would use Adobe DPS, a program I had developed a good understanding of over the course of developing our Publisher’s Inc app, so at least I had some experience to draw on for the project.

My days at Connect were split between 5 days writing and planning the app in Edinburgh, and 5 designing it in Piasley. Each office was incredibly different, with Edinburgh housing up to 6 members of staff, and Paisley over 20. With weekly visits to the former, I saw the development of projects that spanned the duration of my placement, and every week magazines ready for shipment arrived, diverse as Connect’s range, and proved excellent opportunities to discover new ideas. Calling the team friendly and helpful is a cliche, but from the first day I felt so welcome, so included, and as much a friend as a colleague.

My week in Paisley, complete with 2 hour commute each way (or 3 with One Direction’s sinister influence) was as exhausting as it was fulfilling. My first couple of days felt like an all-star tour of the magazine industry, with top designers and editors clarifying exactly how their brand was to be represented, what suited the company’s business and how best to implement these ideas.I even had the services of a professional voice actor to help me design the app!

I feel I have accomplished a lot in my time with Connect so far, and learnt even more. As we progress towards the completion of the app, I can’t help hoping to be involved with many more projects like this in my career, especially if the people are as kind and knowledgeable as those at Connect.