…or how my work placement hunt turned into an unexpected job opportunity with one of UK’s leading publishing houses

I was in London, for what I thought would be one month only, in order to conduct interviews of publishers for my dissertation and also find a work placement. This opportunity was given to me by the university and one of its donators. From the very early days of my stay there, I came across an interesting job offer with Bloomsbury Publishing, who were looking to employ a Digital QA (Quality Assurance) Assistant in their offices in central London. I did not spend much time thinking about it, sent an email with my CV and cover letter attached and received a reply the day after proposing a job interview proposal the following week. Three weeks after my first meeting my current frontline manager, I moved from Edinburgh to London to start working in the company’s prestigious offices in Bedford square. Everything happened so fast, that I still find it difficult to realise what an amazing opportunity has come my way!

Being one of UK’s largest publishing houses, Bloomsbury has many departments and divisions, with the Quality Assurance team being an integral part of the Digital Development department. My main task is to check the accuracy of the digitised version of a wide range of theatrical plays from the international repertoire that can be accessed on the dedicated website Drama Online, as well as the online versions of academic monographs available on the Bloomsbury Collections website. Working on plays written by Shakespeare, Brecht, Ibsen, and contemporary playwrights is very different to the process required for highly structured educational books or humanities titles. However, both require the same level of accuracy.


To be honest, I did not realise at first how famous Bloomsbury Publishing is, as I am from France. Thus, I am very proud to work for the publisher of Khaled Hosseini, Colum McCann, Howard Jacobson (Man Booker Prize winner) and many other fantastic authors that I look forward to discovering in the next couple of months. And last but not least, J.K. Rowling, who owes her rise to fame to Bloomsbury Publishing discerning agents.

I feel very lucky and thankful for this great opportunity. Everybody was very kind to me from the very first day and I really enjoy working here. And London could be just the beginning for a wonderful journey with Bloomsbury. Who knows? Maybe one day I will get to visit their offices in New York, in Sydney, or in New Delhi!