One of three desks where I would work.
Battling my way through the masses of early bird festival-goers towards Edinburgh Castle, I completely missed the entrance to Luath Press on what was to be my first day there. Indeed, it is easy to miss the little offshoot from the main street where, upon being promptly buzzed in, you climb up several flights of stairs to be met by a vibrant, well-oiled machine of an office. I was greeted by Danielle, who was also completing a work placement, and who would, along with the staff at Luath, help me along my way over the course of the next week.
After being introduced to director Gavin MacDougall, who brought me up to speed with what Luath Press is all about, I was handed a long list of tasks I would hopefully be able to complete during my time there. Unfortunately, given the short duration of my placement, it would be impossible to complete them all; however, I feel that, upon leaving on my last afternoon, I had been able to tackle quite a few. Given that Luath Press is a relatively small publisher, I knew that I would probably get to dabble in different departments over the course of the week. Having focused on editorial during my time at Napier, I was quite nervous to jump into tasks relating to marketing and production such as creating AI sheets, press releases, press lists, posters, and marketing plans.
However, after a few hiccups I was thoroughly enjoying it; I noticed how learning by doing allowed for a speedy increase in my confidence and capabilities when using certain programs and constructing certain documents. It was especially great to realise you were immediately accepted as part of a team and entrusted with real, significant tasks instead of ‘practice’ tasks. It was obvious throughout the placement that the team were expert multi-taskers and communicated with one another effectively and efficiently.
I completely enjoyed the fact that you didn’t know what to expect every morning upon arriving in the attic (more than a little out of breath) – in one week alone I saw a journalist, three authors, countless delivery men, and many books pass through the door.
All in all, I am delighted to have completed my work placement at Luath Press and am especially grateful for the support and patience of its staff; I hope to cross paths with them again soon.