Used with permission from Black & White Publishing
Used with permission from Black & White Publishing

My placement with Black & White Publishing took me to Leith for the first time. I was immediately charmed by the cobbled streets, collection of restaurants with outside seating and (windy) waterfront.

Although nervous for my first experience in a publishing house, everyone at Black & White was very welcoming and made me feel right at home. As soon as I walked through the office, crammed by bookcases of published works, I knew I could fit in.

Within minutes I had my hands on new author submissions and I was so excited to get to work. As my interest lies in Editorial, I was very happy to gain the first hand experience of reading author manuscripts. My task was to record any new submission in a spreadsheet along with my comment about the presented work. Throughout my placement, I read a variety of stories within different genre, with exotic settings and interesting characters. It was a rewarding task, and it strengthen my wish to work in Editorial after graduation.

My other main project was working on The Broons 2015 diary. It had been years since I read the Scottish comic, and I often had to contain my laughter as I searched for images suitable for different months of the year. I worked through many old annuals, and I was impressed by how relevant many of the jokes were, despite being decades old. As well as compiling a database of images, I was tasked with updating important dates for the diary: such as religious feasts, Scottish festivals and key events. I learned a lot through this research, and it proved to me that no two days in publishing are ever the same.

While working in the office, I was able to meet authors and gain insight into how the publishing process of a novel takes shape. When I could, I tried to help out other departments, so I also undertook tasks for Rights and Marketing. As these were areas I have little background in, I was happy to learn more about them.

I very much enjoyed working with the team at Black & White Publishing and my ten days of placement seemed to finish much too quickly! Everyone wished me well and I hope to use my experience wisely in my future career.