It was a Tuesday, around five in the afternoon, when I received an email with the opportunity of a placement at Luath Press starting… the next day! I knew that Luath Press was an independent Scottish publisher based in the historical Royal Mile, and those reasons were enough for me to make a move and try to secure the placement, which I fortunately did.

With not much preparation time, the next morning I headed to Luath’s office a little bit anxious. However, as I was walking along the Royal Mile, which was crowded with summer tourists, I found myself thinking about how I would usually be part of them. This time though, I was walking there for an entirely different reason, and it was after that thought that my anxiety became excitement.

I entered the building and climbed the narrow staircase towards the attic, where the office is located, to discover a little place with a really big personality. The office shouted in every corner that books – a lot of books – were being created in there.

As soon as I arrived Gavin MacDougall, Director of Luath Press, received me at his desk, and less than 10 minutes after I already had a long list of activities that would keep me busy throughout my placement. Then, a member of Luath’s staff showed me the organisation of the computer files, and forty minutes after my arrival I was working on my first task. This efficiency showed me the experience that the company has while working with interns, and how comfortable they feel with them around.

For the last two weeks I’ve been busy updating events, creating AI sheets, order forms, press releases, promotional material, proposing marketing plans, blurbs, reading manuscripts, and every now and then changing desks; that is how dynamic my experience with Luath has been.

Heading towards the end of my placement, I feel very pleased with what I have achieved and learned. Luath Press showed me the day-to-day activities of an independent publisher; which, in Luath’s case, its magnitude extends much further than the size of its distinctive attic.