Image courtesy of Luath Press Ltd.

Writing this article I am halfway through my two-week placement at Luath Press Ltd, an independent book publisher with a strong local focus located at the foot of Edinburgh Castle. Visitors who climb up the narrow staircase to the little attic office are rewarded with a warm welcome and an amazing view over the city’s rooftops.

You can sense the company’s experience with interns immediately: after a short introduction and equipped with a comprehensive checklist I was ready to throw myself into the exciting world of publishing. So far I have been creating promotional material, researching marketing strategies, sitting in on meetings with designers and authors, preparing book launches and witnessing the every day challenges of publishing life – like rebellious printers and last-minute enquiries – and I already feel like I’ve got a good idea of the busy schedule in a small publishing house.

I am especially grateful for the many design tasks that were entrusted to me. My favourite project so far was creating an AI sheet and a press release – including cover drafts – for the upcoming book version of photographer Alan McCredie’s blog 100 Weeks of Scotland. In beautiful pictures and short essays McCredie’s weekly documentation portrays all aspects of Scottish culture in the two years from the signing of the ‘Edinburgh Agreement’ to the Independence Referendum this autumn. For me as a foreigner this was a great opportunity to learn more about the background of the ‘national conversation’ and the different viewpoints on Scottish independence.

Another task I enjoyed very much was drafting a poster and flyers for the launch of World in Chains, a collection of essays drawing attention to the dangers and implications of nuclear warfare, edited by political activist Angie Zelter.

I am highly satisfied with my placement so far and very excited about the upcoming week when amongst other things I will learn more about maintaining the company website and creating microsites.