Image Courtesy of Luath Press

I was very excited to get the opportunity to do a two-week work placement at Luath Press, a small but mighty publishing house perched at the top of the Royal Mile next to Edinburgh Castle. Luath Press publishes a wide variety of books, including poetry, travel, fiction and history.

On my first day at Luath Press, I was presented with a long checklist of things to cover during my placement. While I was unable to complete them all over the two-week period, I was able to create AI sheets, press releases, marketing plans and blurbs. I also spent quite a bit of time creating listings for different author events and uploading them on the Luath Press website, Facebook and other social media. While I was a bit nervous at the beginning of my placement due to my lack of knowledge of the titles I would be working with, I quickly learned to compile information based on the excellent system Luath Press has in place. They also provide a ‘Luath Wiki’ and work placement guide for when you need a bit of extra help, and of course the staff was always happy to answer my questions.

Due to the upcoming Scottish Independence Referendum, the majority of the titles I dealt with at my time at Luath Press were political. Since I have only been in Scotland a short time (I am from Canada), this was a great learning experience because I was able to learn more about Scottish politics while at the same time developing my publishing skills. One of my biggest draws to the publishing industry is the opportunity to constantly learn about new topics, and this certainly fulfilled that wish! …

The book I worked on the most was Maria Fyfe’s A Problem Like Maria, which was released in March. I helped develop the marketing plan, worked on the index of the book checking index entries and page numbers and helped with publicity.

My placement at Luath Press was incredibly valuable because it showed me the day-to-day processes of a publishing company. While I have become familiar with the different aspects of publishing a book during my Publishing Masters studies, it was exciting to see a publishing house in action. I have learned a lot during my placement, and am now significantly more confident in my abilities.