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Image Courtesy of Floris Books

In October I managed to secure an internship at Floris books which would last the duration of the academic year. In addition to their adult non-fiction range, Floris are the largest children’s book publisher in Scotland, publishing picture books all the way up to teen fiction. With children’s publishing being a huge interest of mine, I was super excited to get started and learn firsthand the ins and outs of this part of the industry.

With interning horror stories at the back of my mind of making countless cups of tea and being permanently attached to the photocopier, I was slightly nervous on my first day. These worries were quickly dispelled, however, when Eleanor, the Floris editor, handed me a manuscript of one of their new teen fantasy novels and told me to get to work. Armed with my trusty red pen, it quickly became apparent that this wouldn’t be just a coffee-making stint.

Being in the Floris office once a week for 9 months has been an incredible experience and I feel truly blessed to have been given the opportunity. They accepted me in as a member of their team from the outset and continually went out of their way to help me on my publishing journey. Due to the longevity of my placement, I was able to see all stages of the publishing process and be involved in books from their initial editorial stages right through to their launches. I have liaised with authors, helped out with events at the Storytelling Centre, created promotional material, and was even given the opportunity to create videos for the website and re-work cover designs. … Another benefit of being on placement for the duration of the course is that in September I was really interested in editorial, so Floris were more than happy to give me experience in this. But as my Publishing studies at Edinburgh Napier have progressed I’ve been more and more interested in production and design. Learning this, Floris have been so supportive in allowing me to practice typesetting and cover designs. It’s so lovely having a team of people behind you who have your best interests in mind and truly want to help you achieve your goals. I couldn’t be more grateful!